IJSBA-World-Finals-2013-LogoIJSBA is very pleased to bring the news that VAST Action Photography has returned as the official photographer of the 2013 Hot Products World Finals.  Below is their press release:

Race Competitors look to VAST for Professional Race Photos

Race competitors looking for professional action photos of their race can count on VAST for exceptional race photos. VAST photographs every competitor during every race. Sponsors love to see their sponsored racer in action sporting their goods, why not thank them with a poster, or send them the digital files to display on the company website or share your photos on social media tagging your sponsors helping them reach an even bigger audience.

Drop by the VAST tent to view your photos turning them into large print posters, custom tshirts or simply get all your digital files from the week.

This is the fourth year VAST has been photographing the World Finals providing race competitors with a wide choice of photography products including digital files, prints, posters and custom tshirts.

Find us on Facebook as VASTACTION and search or post @vastaction or #vastaction to follow us on Twitter and Instagram.