The International Jet Sports Boating Association’s mission is:

  • to further the interest of IJSBA membership by providing a wide range of quality personal watercraft activities, services and benefits;
  • to act as an international governing and sanctioning body for personal watercraft racing and to foster fair competition by formulating and promoting uniform rules and safety standards;
  • to promote, organize and supervise personal watercraft events in a professional manner;
  • to supervise and grant affiliation to international organizations with similar purposes and to cooperate with such organizations;
  • to promote the positive image of personal watercraft by communicating with and educating IJSBA members and other users on the fun, safe and responsible usage of personal watercraft;
  • to collect and disseminate information relating to the sport;
  • to undertake activities aimed at advancing the sport; and
  • to be an effective, unified voice for the sport.