LOGO-FLY-BOARD-ZAPATA-RIJSBA is very excited to have our long time competitor and World Champion, Franky Zapata bring his famous Fly Board to the 2013 Hot Products World Finals.  The Flyboard booth will be handled by Lake Havasu City’s exclusive Flyboard distributor: Rius Racing.

Franky Zapata stunned the watersports industry by having Zapata Racing release the world’s most affordable and easy to operate airborne device powered by PWC technology.  International news has frequently covered the popularity of the Flyboard and have focused on the spectacular stunts and maneuvers which professional athletes have managed to perform on Zapata’s product.

In addition to booth exhibition, there will be water demonstrations of the Flyboard.  Please stay tuned to IJSBA for more news and information about Flyboard’s inclusion at IJSBA events.