Franky Zapata has done it again.  In a follow up to the very popular Flyboard, the all new Hoverboard gives PWC owners a chance to experience surfing the waves from the air.



Designed for operators aged 16 and older, the Hoverboard has no height or weight restrictions (however heavier operators may have a reduced experience).  The Hoverboard can be enjoyed as a single  or as a dual operator experience.

The Hoverboard by ZR® kit is composed by the following elements:

  • 1 BOARD
  • 1 SUPPLY HOSE which provides pressured water from the PWC to the Hoverboard by ZR®
  • 1 180° ELBOW which reverses the PWC water outlet
  • Pump Interface
  • Hoverboard by ZR Connector
  • Hose swivel

The Hoverboard by ZR® set up requires an adapter according to PWC model.

If you already own a Flyboard®, you just need to buy the board only since the whole kit is compatible.

The Hoverboard will be exhibited and demonstrated at the 2014 Jettribe World Finals during the days of October 10-12.  The Flyboard will also make make regular appearances in the water. For more information about the Hoverboard, please download Zapata Racing’s press release here: [PDF] Hoverboard Info