If the competition thought Yamaha’s sweep of all four Pro Runabout National championships was the end of their pain on the closed course this year, they have another thing coming.  Multi-time champions Dustin Farthing and Ryan Hardwick have entered the fray aboard Yamaha WaveRunners for the upcoming 2014 IJSBA World Finals in Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

Farthing and Hardwick join a battle-tested Yamaha team that includes Brian Baldwin, Dennis Mack, Rob Greenwald, Troy Snyder, and bothers Aero and Aqsa Aswar.

On the Pro Watercross national tour this summer, Team Yamaha recorded one of the most dominate performances in professional watercraft racing history, winning national titles in Pro Runabout Open (Aero Aswar/FZR), Pro Runabout Limited (Aqsa Aswar/FZR), Pro Runabout Stock (Aero Aswar/FZR) and Pro Runabout Normally-Aspirated (Rob Greenwald/VXR).

“We heard many of the top competitors in personal watercraft racing say ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ and that’s exactly what happened this year,” said Yamaha’s Scott Watkins.  “The influx of new Yamaha racers has pushed the levels of competition even higher, and this resulted in a Yamaha sweep of the major runabout national titles, and positions us favorably for a big push at this year’s World Finals.”

More Pro Watercross Tour Highlights:

  • Six of the top seven finishers in the Pro Stock class rode the SVHO-powered FZR, including Yamaha’s Troy Snyder who finished 2nd overall followed by teammates Brian Baldwin, Aqsa Aswar and Dennis Mack.
  • Pro Runabout Limited racing was equally exciting for Team Yamaha and the FZR with Aqsa Aswar (younger brother of Aero Aswar) taking home the national title and Yamaha FZR rider Dennis Mack finishing 3rd overall.
  • Yamaha VXR rider Rob Greenwald defended his Normally-Aspirated title finishing the tour undefeated. The N-A class saw the top five finishers riding Yamaha WaveRunners® including Clay Barbee who finished second overall.

All-new VXR and lighter FZR for 2015

For 2015, the Yamaha VXR is all-new from the ground up highlighted by a new hull design that is arguably the best performing hull ever by Yamaha.  The 2015 Yamaha VXR and VXS also feature Yamaha’s new RiDE technology.

The 2015 Yamaha FZR and FZS feature the second generation of Yamaha’s NanoXcel hulls, decks, and liners that is 35-pounds lighter overall. NanoXcel 2 is available on all SVHO-powered WaveRunners.

Yamaha will have 4 models from the new 2015 lineup outside its truck in Performance Alley including the 2015 SuperJet, 2015 FZR, 2015 VXR and the 2015 FX SVHO.

More information on Yamaha WaveRunners can be found at: www.YamahaWaveRunners.com