Yamaha LogoThe International Jet Sports Boating Association is pleased to announce that Yamaha Motors of Europe has joined the IJSBA as a Manufacturer Member.

Yamaha of Europe is heavily involved in the PWC racing effort and is one of the most dominant presences in the European venues as well as the World Finals.  Most notably, 2005 Pro Runabout World Champion Nicholas Rius rides for Yamaha of Europe.  Last year, Rius defied the emerging supercharged watercraft by capturing the checkered flag on his Yamaha GPR.  Rius races Yamaha products exclusively.

Yamaha of Europe is committed to the sport of Personal Watercraft Racing and puts an extra emphasis on the stand up model PWC which is the nucleus of closed course racing.  Over the last decade, the Yamaha Superjet has been the most consistent model for wins in the ski classes.

Yamaha of Europe is proud to release a performance version of their successful Superjet named the Superjet RR (Rius Racing edition).  This powerful ski is specifically geared for the performance minded consumer who wants the latest in performance for a ski type PWC.  European customers should see their local Yamaha dealer for more details on ordering their 2006 Superjet with the Rius Racing package.

The IJSBA is excited to have Yamaha of Europe as part of the largest PWC family in the world.  The IJSBA is the world’s leader in the sport of Personal Watercraft Racing.  Yamaha of Europe’s contributions to this sport are sure to bring great things for the future.