IJSBA is excited to announce the return of RonnyMac Photography as the official photographer of the 2023 SBT WGP-1 World Finals.  There is an old saying: "good things come in small packages."  Well, in this case, great packages come from small things- photo packages!!!!  Dont let Ronny's small stature fool you, there is an awful lot of talent crammed in there with just enough room left for some energy drink and an ever growing layer of clove smoke residue in his alveoli.  He is probably the best in the world at taking pictures of Personal Watercraft Racing and since you never know when COPD is going to strike, you definitely want to hire him while you still can.  We love Ronny and want him to be healthy.  We love you and want you to have access to a great photographer.  Here is his official press release:

The 2023 Short Block Technologies WGP-1 World Finals is almost here! Time to book your photo package and make sure you will have quality photos of your racing experience at the worlds premier watercraft racing event.
Booking ahead of time ensures that RonnyMac will be looking out for you, and make sure he capture as many great shots of you as possible. You are there to race and enjoy Lake Havasu and all the good times. No need to worry if someone happened to get a shot of you. Ronny will have you covered.
Also your photo package will be refunded should something happen to cause you to miss your races.

Click or tap the package you want and it will take you to Papal checkout. (You don’t have to have a Paypal account).

Zelle and Venmo are also accepted. Contact Ronny at Ronny@RonnyMac.com