IJSBA is pleased to report a very heavy first day of registration with lots of friends reconnecting in our first large gathering since the pandemic.  The scoring staff worked very hard and nonstop, without even breaking for a meal, in order to get through the long line of participants.  We thank everyone for their patience in getting through a very long line on a very warm day.  We also thank Studio 6 Suites for letting us use the lobby.  Registration will be open, again, tomorrow by 12:00 Noon, again at 1300 McCulloch Blvd.  This will also be the registration site on Monday.  Beginning  Tuesday, October 4, registration will be in the upper parking lot at the race site.

IJSBA appreciates the cooperation of everyone in complying with the policies for parking and pit entry.  We are trying to balance the needs of persons who arrive later and many other factors in designating the pit parking spaces.   Additionally, there is compliance requirements for entry from our host, Crazy Horse Campgrounds, so that we can do our part in maintaining order in the entire park.  Some of it is now without difficulty but we all pulled through today and made it work.

See you tomorrow.