IJSBA is pleased to let you all know that day three, practice and riders' meeting, went off without any issues.

Now more than 40 individual riders above where our count was, on this day, in 2015, we are getting ready to reach 400 riders at the event with more than 750 class entries.

The pits are completely filled and the vendors are starting to set up.  Weather has ranged from lukewarm and windy to hot with no breeze.

Attitudes are very good this year and we very much appreciate the cooperation with everyone.

Today, the races began.  Novice lines are healthy with the weakest turnout being in the Ski Limited Classes.  we have had to remove a couple of competitors for being ineligible for Novice classes but this just means fuller Amateur and Expert Classes in the days to come.  More Naturally Aspirated entries went around the track than we anticipated.

Lots of Skis.  Lots and lots of Skis.  Lemonade, Scoops Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, and burgers in the vendor alley along with Jettribe, Thrust Innovations, Riva, and the guy that waterproofs your tablets and cell phones.

We will announce today's winners this evening.

Parade of Nations is tonight, 7:00 PM, under the London Bridge.