Hello PWC Racing World.

We had a pretty good opening day at the 2016 quakysense World Finals.  Numbers are up attitudes are good and the weather is warm and wonderful.

Lots of people celebrated IJSBA's 35 World Finals by sleeping in.  Registration was mobbed by 2:00 PM even though participants could have registered as early as 11:30.

Our new system using the number tabs instead of a line worked pretty good.  We appreciate everyone who cooperated and worked with us on getting in the pits.

Like anything else, there were a couple bumps in the road but we got through them.  We thank those of you who did your part to make situations better and to reach solutions.  Today, the Crazy Horse Staff, DSM support crew, and IJSBA Staff all commented that it seemed people the most friendly and courteous ever witnessed in our careers on the administrative end.  We hope we lived up to the same standards.

Registration opens at 10:30 AM