IJSBA is announcing the updated COVID-19 mitigation plan for the 2020 VP Racing Fuels World Finals.  The plan is broken down into two sets of infection risk mitigation measures, one for the pits and one for the spectator area.  IJSBA expects that this is the final version of the plan.  

  1. Pits.

             The pits are a closed and controlled area.  The pits may only be accessed by competitors, competitors guests, or persons who intentionally avail themselves of the controlled area by the purchase of a pit pass. No person may access the pits who do not sign the waiver covering pit entry.  Because this area is closed, the types of masks commonly used to prevent COVID-19 transmission will not be required even though the use of these masks is highly encouraged.  IJSBA requests that persons in the pits maintain social distancing and do their best to maintain close contacts with only their own team or members of their family or social bubble.

2. Spectator and Trade Show Area. 

             Any persons entering the spectator and trade show area, including competitors, or other persons with pit credentials, must wear masks at all times except as follows:  when seated in their own beachside chair properly distanced from others not in their own social bubble; when seated at a site provided picnic table AND actively consuming food or beverages; and, while seated in the grandstands AND consuming a beverage.  During the weekend, temperature checks will be required for persons entering the grandstand area.  A color coded wristband will be issued to persons who are checked to have temperature within acceptable limits.  A different wristband will be issued for Saturday and Sunday.


    These are the rules with which we must comply.  If you have any questions or comments regarding these mandatory measures, please email info@ijsba.com.