IJSBA is updating our preliminary COVID-19 mitigation plans.  Today, the Mayor of Lake Havasu City ended the requirement of the use of masks by proclamation.  We will spend the next few days researching how this plays out and reviewing any changes in state restrictions for an event like World Finals.  The IJSBA World Finals are guests of Lake Havasu City and we have been generously invited back into their community for 39 years.  We will show the utmost respect to our hosts and will completely adhere to any required mandates that are placed upon us.

In the pit area, masks will not be required so long as proper distancing is regularly observed.  We will be requesting that all persons, in the pits, try to stick within your social bubble/team.  However, since the pits are a private and restricted area of the venue, we will consider that portion of the venue to be in operation like a normal closed campground.  Entry into the pits will absolutely be restricted to those persons with pit pass credentials who have signed the pit entry waiver and assumption of risk acknowledgment.  Children 5 and under may enter the pit, without a pit pass, only when accompanied by an adult.

IJSBA is not yet removing the requirement for masks to be worn in the public spectating and trade show portions of the event.  Please stay tuned for another announcement regarding the mask requirement on Thursday.  Immediate questions can be sent to info@ijsba.com.