The 2017 Blowsion World Finals is expected to have several hundred competitors from more than 35 nations, more than sixty individual vendors in the trade show, exciting product demonstrations, and more classes than a community college semester catalog.

Every competitor who has faithfully invested in their watercraft and raced, year after year, at World Finals, rightfully should want to continue competing so long as there are others interested in continuing on with the same craft.  Personal Watercraft Racing has enjoyed many unique subsets of types of watercraft and each have strong competition at several different levels of modification.  At the same time, there are only so many hours in a day and the purposes of giving a World Championship title is to award the peak accolade for a well challenged category for that season.

So, here we are, we removed two Naturally Aspirated Runabout classes (Limited and Open) and went back to the formula of Four Stroke Naturally Aspirated Stock watercraft competing against Two Stroke Limited watercraft.  We have received a couple of emails requesting to go back to the three class format: Naturally Aspirated Runabout Stock (Four Stroke Only), Naturally Aspirated Runabout Limited and, Naturally Aspirated Runabout Open.  Obviously one or two emails professing to speak for a group of 15 is not enough to make 11th hour class changes.  We also face the task of having to plan a schedule for the competition day as well as the awards- and, of course, we need to order the awards in advance.

If we receive a sufficient amount of emails, over the next 48 hours, from individuals who will run these classes, we will make the adjustments as a tentative manner and then issue an entry form just for these classes.  If the classes receive sufficient prepaid entries then we will make the classes official and change the master entry form to include these classes.

We need to hear from you by midnight, PST, on September 12.  Please email