Havasu Powersports is located at 1040 N. Lake Havasu Avenue.

This year, we have one of those take a number reels with the little digital sign that says "Now Serving Number XX."  This should make the waiting experience a little easier on persons waiting to register.  It also has the potential to make things more complicated so lets review a set of rules for how this is going to work:

At 11:30 AM, persons who show a receipt from Rusty's Diner, date stamped today, which indicates $10.00 or more spent per person can take a number and we will start registering these persons right away.  This is limited to twenty persons.

Beginning at 12:00 PM, only persons who have PRE REGISTERED AND PRE PAID may take a number.  Numbers are issued to preregistered and prepaid persons only until 1:30 PM.

Please observe the following rules to which there will be no exceptions:

One person per number, no groups.

If you have not prepaid and are called with a number selected before 1:30 PM you will not be processes and there are no exceptions. You will have to draw another number.  Seriously, no exceptions.

Once your number has been called, you have one minute to come to the line.  If you miss your call you may present your number after all numbers have been called, you may not just take the next opening out of sequence.

If you take more than one number or are drawing a number for another person we will not serve those numbers.

Please do not abuse this system.  Be respectful to the registration staff.  This is a stressful and demanding environment for all of us.  There is ZERO TOLERANCE for abusive conduct.  We want the entire World Finals experience to be enjoyable for everyone if this is not your goal, as well, we respectfully ask you to attend other events instead.


We will stop issuing numbers around 3:00-3:30.

Your rider parking sticker allows you to bring one cargo trailer in.  Once this trailer is in, the "T" on your sticker will be marked.  Cargo trailers may no longer enter with a marked sticker.  However, open ski trailers may still come in and out freely.


Here is the posted schedule for today.

11:30 AM: Persons may register who have an October 1 receipt from Rusty's Diner.

12:00 Noon: Only persons who have prepaid may sign in. Persons must present proof of prepayment to get in the registration line.

1:30 PM: All persons may join the registration line.

2:00 PM: Pits open for registered persons with trailer parking credentials

4:00 PM: Registration closes

5:30 PM: Pits close. Any person placing a pit tent or pit vehicle after pits close will be towed and disqualified from the event