Logo-West-Coast-Series-Round-6We are just 24 days away from our final event, Round #6 of the 2014 Jettribe West Coast Series:

The 2014 Jettribe Lake Perris Season Finals. Presented by Hydro-Turf, Sea-Doo, Hot Products, Bomber Eyewear, Jet Re-Nu, Kawasaki, IPD Graphics, Oakley, Skat-Trak, DMP Motorsports, Watercraftjournal.com & Pro-Rider Magazine

Saturday, August 16th, Sail Cove, Lake Perris State Park

This is your last chance to qualify for the IJSBA JETTRIBE WORLD FINALS in Lake Havasu in the Western U.S. and in Region 1 & 2!

There are two ways to pre-register:
Note: It is extremely important that you pre-register so we can set up the race order as soon as possible!

1.) If paying by cash or check (on-site or via mail) please click on attachment for official entry form. Please fill the form out completely, save it and email all entry forms to rpmracingent@yahoo.com or fax to (310) 372-7427. Entry form is attached to this email.
(Note: No CC will be accepted on-site, cash or check only)

2.) To pre-register using Paypal: https://ww04.elbowspace.com/secure/20120410081012315878

Note: The pre-registration deadline is Sunday, August 10th. All entries received thereafter will be assessed the late fee. If you have already pre-registered, please disregard this portion of the announcement.

On-Site Registration on-site will be on Friday, August 15th from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the pits.

2014 Lake Perris Season Finals Entry Blank Final PDF

Riders please fill out the entry form and either email it to rpmracingent@yahoo.com or fax it to (310) 372-7427 No payment is needed until race day!!

Entry List will be updated daily at www.pwctoday.com - Racing/General Forum or www.greenhulk.net - Race Events & News Forum and on Facebook- RPM Racing Enterprises

The JETTRIBE WEST COAST SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP points chase will be decided on Saturday, August 16th!  The current JETTRIBE WEST COAST SERIES points standings will be available shortly.

In addition to the JETTRIBE WEST COAST SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP for all classes offered on the series tour, HOT PRODUCTS, USA has offered to the overall high point winners in each of these classes below at the conclusion of the 2014 JETTRIBE WEST COAST SERIES The 2014 HOT PRODUCTS CUP. HOT PRODUCT CUP winners of each class referenced below will receive their entry fee paid by HOT PRODUCTS for the 2014 IJSBA JETTRIBE World Finals in Lake Havasu!!!
Good luck to all racers competing for this years HOT PRODUCTS CUP and all racers competing for a 2014 JETTRIBE WEST COAST SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP!!

1. Junior Ski 10-12 Stock
2. Junior Ski 13-15 Lites
3. Sport Spec
4. Womens Ski Limited
5. Amateur Ski Open

Prize money: Pro Ski/Runabout and Pro Freestyle class(es), at a minimum there will be 50% payback in these classes with 6 or more participants.

Host Hotel for the race: Holiday Inn Express, Moreno Valley (approx. 5.4 miles from Lake Perris State Park)
$89/night (single or double occupancy) 1st come, 1st served, limited amount of rooms.
Racer rate expires on June 6th so don't delay.


When making your reservation, please use group code "Lake Perris Season Finals" -(951) 243-0075, any problems please ask for Andre Goodrich.


On-site camping no hook ups (self contained) at Sail Cove  (pits) - $25/night- again, just show up and let them know at the gate that you will be camping in the pits (self contained) at Sail Cove for the race. My staff will collect this fee for the Park on either Friday afternoon or Sat. morning.

Camping w/hook ups- $35/night - no need to make reservations, just show up and this rate will be honored.
Note: Must state you are a racer, family or crew participating in the event.

ATV's, Quads, etc. are allowed by licensed driver's to operate and only to and from the pits to launch and retrieve.


Quagga Mussel Inspection:
No participating ski's/runabouts may be allowed on the water at Lake Perris if found to have been in the water of an infected lake 7 days prior to the race. So, please keep your ski's/boats out of any local lakes that are known to have Quagga mussels a week prior to this event.

Here's what the Park Rangers will be looking for:
*STANDING WATER OR ANY CONDENSATION in the hull- please make sure any and all standing water or any condensation is completely dried out of the hull prior to coming through the gate
(If you are concerned, please pull over in the gas station or race track prior to coming into the Park and check your hull to make sure no standing water is visible.)
*No weeds or debris on or in the hull. Again, please check your ski/runabout prior to pulling up to the gate to insure no debris/weeds are found on the ski.

There is a ZERO tolerance, if any hull is found to have any water or condensation in the hull it is an automatic fail and the boat will be quarantined (your driver's license/registration info will be taken) and the ski/runabout will not be allowed in any lake in the State of California and will not be allowed into the State Park during the races. Once inspected and passed you are good for the entire weekend, even if you take your ski/runabout out of the State Park on either Friday or Saturday.  Thanks for your compliance!!!

Note: The park rangers are looking for any water/condensation (even a drop of water can be a fail) in the hulls when entering the State Park. Again, pleas make sure there is NO water or condensation in the hull when coming into the park. Pull over in the fair grounds when you turn on Lake Perris Drive and check the hulls one last time before coming into the park. DO NOT check the hulls for water while waiting in line to get into the park it will trigger an automatic fail. Do not underestimate this as the boat will be red tagged and not allowed into the state park and you will not be allowed to race it. Do not pull out of line to check your hull, it will trigger a fail, check your hull thoroughly before you get in line to get into the gate!!

Note: They will not ask you to start the motors to see if there is water in the exhaust.


Schedule of Events:

FRIDAY, August 15th:
If you are coming down on Friday, registration will be open after 12:00 p.m. You will be allowed on the water, not the course unless allowed by the Race Director.  The Park Closes at 10:00 pm.  All race teams will pay $5.00 at the gate to enter the park.

SATURDAY, August 16th:
The Park opens at 6:00 am.  It is highly recommended that if you can't make it on Friday to the Lake that you are in the Park before 7:00 a.m.  The line for pleasure boaters gets very long and each boat/PWC must go through a thorough inspection process before being allowed into the State Park. If you wait, you may miss registration/rider's meeting and won't be allowed to race.

Sunday, August 17th:
For those that are staying overnight (camping in the State Park), you will be allowed on the water on Sunday at your discretion. If you are camping you will be able to go out on the water. If you are staying off-site you will have to pay to re-enter the park and pay the regular launch fee/vehicle fee.

Race Schedule of Events:
Friday, August 15th, Noon to 6:00 p.m.- Registration and Safety Inspection in pit area (Sail Cove)
Saturday, August 16th - 6:30~8:00 a.m. (sharp) Final Registration and safety inspection in pit area.
Saturday, August 16th - 8:00 a.m.-Rider's Meeting
9:00 a.m.-Practice
10:30 a.m.-Opening Ceremonies, Racing
Awards 30 minutes after conclusion of final race.

For all updates and information, please visit www.rpmracingent.com

For all questions, please call or email Ross.

Thanks for your support!


Ross Wallach, President
1803 Morgan Lane
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
Phone (310) 318-4012