Weekly World Finals update. Greetings to all PWC competitors and fans. We have entered the last full month which will proceed the 2005 IJSBA World Finals at Crazy Horse Campground in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Today will being a series of weekly press releases which I plan to submit every Wednesday. There is exciting news in the field of personal watercraft racing. Please read the following announcements and share them with your colleagues:

1. Record Entries.
The IJSBA is pleased to announce that 2005 saw a record number of August entries. This year there were nearly four times the amount of entries of any other year in the history of this event. This shapes up for plenty of full lines which means exciting racing.

2. Early Entry Deadline.
I would like to remind everyone that there is a discount of $10.00 per each class paid by 9/15/2005. There is only a week and a day left to capitalize off of this discount. On site registration is subject to a $20.00 per class fee. All entries received after October 5, 2005 will be treated as on site. Please get those entry fees in early so that we can best prepare an efficient schedule and avoid long days.

3. Raffle and silent auction.
The IJSBA will be raffling off several prizes. Many vendors have also provided products for a silent auction. We can't let the cat out of the bag yet, but a certain manufacturer has provided a PWC, worth more than $10,000 (MSRP), to be raffled off at the World Finals. This special raffle will have only 200 tickets offered at $100.00 a piece. Save up for this one, you wont believe your eyes when we unveil this prize.

4. Big Rigs
Several racers and teams have large personal pit vehicles. These vehicles include toterhomes, semi trucks, large motorhomes with enclosed trailers, and many interesting combinations. If your pit vehicle is larger than a conventional pickup and 16' trailer (4.8768 meters for our foreign associates) then please contact the IJSBA so that we can properly prepare for your arrival. The whole pit situation will be improved if we plan in advance. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

5. Security
At the request of racers, security has been increased for this year's even. While we do not anticipate a problem, we want to take all steps necessary to ensure the safety of our racers and their equipment. To avoid unauthorized presence in the pit areas, a pit patrol will be constantly touring the pits and removing anyone who does not have a pit pass. This should cut down on pit traffic and allow for a smother and more private atmosphere in the pit area.

6. Hydrospace visit.
In 10 days, I will be touring and inspecting the Hydrospace facility in Austria. I will come back with pictures and a full report of their progress. Hyrdospace is excited to show their commitment to the PWC racing community and hopes to forge a positive and long lasting relationship with all of us. Hydrospace would like this visit to be the first step in a series of efforts for the customer base to get to know the industry's newest OEM producer.

I personally look forward to seeing all of you at the event in October. I can be reached at the IJSBA office or by email at scott@ijsba.com. I welcome all of your questions and comments.

Scott Frazier
IJSBA Managing Director