Well it is here, the last World Finals weekly update before the big event. I had intended on doing an additional update last week, and had mentioned to some of you that one was pending. I deeply apologize for not getting that out on time. It is a bit overwhelming here at the moment as the last minute things tend to demand most of the attention. Here are some updates and announcements. Please share this information with your colleagues:

1. Hydrospace. As many of you know, Hydrospace was homologated for World Finals competition several months ago. When I arrived at the IJSBA, at the end of August, the public had sent some inquiries regarding Hydrospace. To best follow up on this inquiry, I visited the Hydrospace factory where I observed a complete factory and working assembly line. This, along with the records of Hydrospace distribution, supported the existing homologation. Based on this evidence, there has been no action taken, by the IJSBA, regarding the existing homologation of the S4. Hydrospace is a manufacturer of stand up PWC that are built for racing purposes. They are excited to distribute their product throughout the world. Pursuant to the IJSBA rules, individual affiliates may make their own decisions regarding whether an OEM manufacturer, who does not have distribution in that affiliate's jurisdiction, may have that OEM's product compete in that affiliate's territory. The IJSBA feels that the power to make this determination should lay vested in the hands of the affililiate. The IJSBA encourages each IJSBA affiliate to work with all OEM manufacturers to create harmonious relationships under the IJSBA guidelines. I, personally, hope that each racer at the World Finals will take the time to visit the Hydrospace booth and get to know the newest IJSBA family member. I think this experience will alleviate any concerns and provide a greater sense of understanding of Hydrospace and things to come in the continued evolution of the sport.

2. Rooms. The IJSBA has some surplus left in our block of rooms. Rooms can be had for $69 plus tax. Please contact The Havasu Inn at 1-928-855-7841 and mention the Skat Trak/IJSBA World Finals to get this rate. There are only limited rooms left.

3. Sea-Doo is furnishing a brand new 2006 unit for use as a course marshal boat. Thanks, BRP and Tim McKercher!!

4. Press credentials are being issued. Press credentials are for the exclusive use of the print and broadcast media. Legitimate PWC news websites will be considered on a case-by-case basis. IJSBA Affiliates and their promoters in good standing may also apply for special passes. Press conferences will be held twice daily. The first press conference will be a limited information release and will take place approximately 30 minutes after the first race leaves the line each day. The second, and more comprehensive conference, will take place approximately one after after the final results for the day have been posted.

5. As a reminder, we will be inviting the public to participate in our fuel test calibration. Our calibration will occur Monday, October 10th, in the afternoon. Please email me for more details.


7. All vendor fees must be paid prior to set up.

8. A reminder that there will be a meet and greet on Thursday October 13 approximately two hours after the final race results have been posted. This social will be hosted by myself and your Racer Representative, Amy Green. The event is for racers only and is for the purposes of having an informal and friendly chat. We will provide ice cream and/or popsicles if we can keep them from melting.

9. Travel safely. I look forward to seeing you all at the event.

Scott Frazier
IJSBA Managing Director