Greetings to the Personal Watercraft Racing Community. This is your second weekly update as we head into the 2006 quakysense World Finals. Things are shaping up for this to be one of the best to date. We are experiencing an outpouring of vendors who are taking advantage of our admission free environment.

Contacts from the public have also been arriving in high volumes. Of course, the event is about the racers and the racers are giving every indication of a strong turnout by the high volume of early entry fees.

This will be a very exciting World Finals and the 25th Anniversary shall a celebration to remember. I hope all of you will chose to join us in some capacity. Please share the following news with your friends and colleagues:

  1. Entry Forms. Entry forms are online. To sign up for the World Finals, please . For those of you signing up, please observe that entry feesmust be received by September 15 in order to receive the discount of $10.00 per class. Fees must be received by September 29 to avoid the on-site charges. This means the check must have cleared or the charge card must have been processed and approved. Please get your entry forms in as soon as possible so that you avoid any unnecessary charges.
  2. This is another reminder to visit the competitor guide section of read the Code of Conduct. It is 100% essential that we comply with the policies that have been ordered by the United States Coast Guard and the Bureau of Land Management. The IJSBA is a compliant association that obeys all regulatory agencies. We will have a dedicated employee to enforce these policies as they are not discretionary.
  3. Please note the Pro Am Ski stock class on the entry forms. Originally, this was going to be a Pro class. We were going to let top finishing experts move up to the Pro Class. Instead, we have decided to leave it ProAm this year and allow any Experts to enter it. The Expert Ski Stock class remains in tact as a class for Experts who are ready for a higher competition level than Novice but do not yet feel comfortable competing against Pro licensed competitors.
  4. We are going to offer a special “move-up” opportunity for the Ski Stock Classes. The top five finishers in the Novice Ski Stock classes shall have the opportunity to enter the Expert Ski Stock classes. The IJSBA may chose to withhold the opportunity to move up if the IJSBA determines the competitor is not prepared for the higher skill level. The IJSBA shall require those competitors who move up to Expert Ski to compete, during 2007, at the Expert Skill level. The mandatory 2007 bump up from Novice to Expert is not subject to appeal except for medical reasons. No sandbagging!!!
  5. We have received numerous requests for passes to the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Seating opportunities will be limited so we will be issuing the tickets by lottery system. The ceremony dress code will be business casual with “suit and tie” as the preferred style of dress. This dress code will be enforced at the door. Please email in your requests for Hall of Fame passes, include the number of passes and the names of the persons in the group. No more than four persons per request. No person may be part of more than one request. The Hall of Fame induction ceremony will open to the public at 8:00 PM on Saturday, October 7 and shall begin at 8:30. As some of the inductees will need to compete the following morning, the goal will be for the ceremony to end by 9:30.
  6. The IJSBA expects to sell out of vendor space. There a few vendor spots still available. For more information, please contact:
  7. We would really appreciate it if persons with larger trailers/pit vehicles would email us to discuss placement of their vehicle(s). This will ensure smooth pit access for you and less congestion for your colleagues. If your trailer/pit vehicle is greater than 40’ then please send the relevant information to:
  8. The spaghetti dinner and riders’ meeting on the evening of October 1 is open to non-competitors. Meals will be offered at a highly discounted rate to attendees who accompany competitors.
  9. The Poker Run Information shall be launched online in a matter of days. There will be an opportunity to win a brand new PWC. We hope every enthusiast and available competitor will participate in this poker run.
  10. We are still working on the 25th Anniversary Year Book and will be including much of the quakysense World Finals in the book. If you have ideas or suggestions regarding the book, please contact us at
  11. Last year, we had a rule comment period and announced the product of the rule change deliberations at the World Finals. This year we will be launching the rule comment period before the World Finals and will have opportunities at the World Finals for participants to share their thoughts with us. Then we will keep the comment period open for another month before deliberating on the rules. We will announce any rule changes in December. Please take advantage of these opportunities.

The IJSBA is your association. We exist to serve the Personal Watercraft Racing community. It is our privilege to hold this annual World Championship for your benefit.

The World Finals is the flagship of the entire PWC sport and we truly appreciate the support from all racers and their friends and families. In addition, we are extremely grateful for all of the manufacturers and sponsors who make this event possible.

The IJSBA is at your disposal and we are happy to hear your questions, comments or suggestions. The IJSBA has many opportunities for you to serve on committees and even as elected representatives. We hope you will take advantage of these opportunities to maintain and change the face of your sport. Personally, it is my pleasure to serve as your managing director.

Scott Frazier