Crazy Horse Campground October 5-13, 2013 Lake Havasu City, Az.  Walk on the water inside a giant transparent sphere with Sphere Runner.


Water spheres are the perfect water walking device. A cool transparent ball that allows the rider inside the sphere to finally walk on the water, and even better you don’t get wet while doing it!

Inside the water spheres you can do just about anything you like...try your hand at running or balancing.  Maybe you want to try and bump into your friends in the other balls or maybe just get in and relax.

Sphere Runner provides a safe and fun time for all ages! You will have a BALL while walking on water!

Christine of Newport Beach, Ca. a valued client says “I thought I was in shape until I tried water walking, Spinning and flopping around trying to stand and run was the best fun I have ever had!”

Our water spheres are perfect for... Kids/Adult Birthday Parties, Shows, Malls, Product Launch, Events, Fairs, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties and Grand Openings!