IJSBA is sharing the information received from VP Racing for fuel sales at the 2022 Jettrim WGP-1 World Finals.  VP Racing Fuels are the official fuel of the IJSBA and the only fuels authorized to be sold on site.  VP also has oils, gas cans, pumps, other lubricants and more.  Please see the following list of fuels that will be sold, the prices, and contact for preordering:


VP Racing is excited to return to the IJSBA World Finals.  Below is a list of fuels being offered for sale by the gallon at the fuel truck (these will be readily available based off of projections from previous years sales). Pails, drums & other fuel types can be ordered upon request.

We highly encourage pre-orders as any fuel that is not reserved in advance will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.


MS103 - $16 / gal

MS109 reg - $17 / gal

C12 - $15 / gal

VP110 - $13 / gal

MS100 - $16 / gal

X85 - $8 / gal

C9 - $13 / gal


Fuel orders can be placed by calling (951) 696-5100 or emailing VPpacific@vpracingfuels.com .