Dear IJSBA Racers,

We will bring to the race 93, 100, 103, 109, and HTG unleaded. There will be a limited supply of 93 as a convenience for the stock racers that would prefer to run pump gas. HTG will also be available on a special order, pre-order basis. Anyone interested in HTG will have to call in advance to reserve the necessary amount.

Our truck will arrive in Havasu on Monday the 10th to get situated in the pits and will be ready to dispense fuel from Monday afternoon through Sunday the 16th. Barring any extreme change in the petroleum market between now and the race, we intend to sell 93 for $3.60 per gallon, 100 for $6.25, 103 for $6.75, 109 for $7.25 and HTG for $15 per gallon.

Our contact information for the racers is listed below:

Bruce Hendel
VP Racing Fuels, Inc.
PO BOx 1319
Wildomar, CA. 92562
951-674-7367 fax
e-mail -

Thank you. We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Bruce Hendel
VP Fuels