IJSBA is very excited to welcome Klotz Lubricants to the trade show portion of the 2021 Jettrim WGP-1 World Finals. IJSBA competitors have been using Klotz products to propel them to the checkered flag ever since the first marine two stroke oil was introduced by Klotz in 1978.  Klotz has been a family owned company until being acquired by Cometic Gasket early this year.  This transition was based on the close relationship between the Klotz Family and the founder of Cometic Gasket to make sure that Klotz would continue to serve consumers with the same small family commitment to customer service Klotz has maintained for the last 62 years.  Despite retiring, the Klotz family will maintain a leadership role in managing the product line.  This legacy of dedication to the powersports industry is exactly what we are celebrating at the 40th Anniversary World Finals.  Please see their company statement below:




Since 1959, Klotz Synthetic Lubricants has consistently met the needs of racers, performance enthusiasts, and traditional end-users who won’t settle for anything less than the best available lubrication products on the market today.


Developing products specifically for the high-performance industries is our niche. In fact, Klotz sets the standard for synthetic lubricants across the board in these markets. Mastering the science of synthetic lubrication is our first and highest priority. Klotz engineers utilize leading edge materials and components, develop original techniques, and employ the most precise integration processes available.


Our Estorlin® Technology and TechniPlate® Lubricity Systems™, integrate the bonding process with generous amounts of phosphorous and zinc. This formula shapes a complete synthetic lubricant. Quality synthetics combined with our authentic in-house manufacturing process creates a thermally dynamic lubricant that is consistently stable at higher RPM ranges. The end result protects critical engine components from shearing and power-robbing friction.


Klotz products are always tested under race-conditions, a tradition that continues to this day. Long before our products reach your engine, exhaustive hours of research and development are conducted under the rigors of dynamometer-testing in addition to countless hours of testing and validation in competitive environments. Our state-of-the-art facility in Fort Wayne, Ind., allows us to examine our products under the most rigorous conditions. The end result is a proven product that is reliable and promotes longevity inside the engine. Performance and reliability are hallmarks of the Klotz brand. We rest our reputation on it.   


Racers and performance enthusiasts around the world rely on Klotz the get them to the checkered flag. We pride ourselves on adapting to the constantly evolving needs of the professional racer, high-performance enthusiast or traditional end user. Klotz proudly specializes in serving the high-performance needs of the automotive, kart, marine, motorcycle, RC scale model, SkiCraft® and snowmobile markets. Providing the highest quality and most reliable products to enhance your good times on the track and on the road is our commitment to you.