IJSBA has received this recap from Valentin Dardillat’s team regarding his participation in the 2013 Hot Products World Finals:


Jet Ski World Championship Valentin Dardillat 3rd in Ski GP

From the 10th to the 12th of October, Valentin Dardillat was in the USA to face the best racers from all over the World in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. He lined up in the two major categories, Ski GP and Ski Open. The Cobra Watercraft sponsored rider had a mixed weekend notably because of a mechanical problem which compromised his chances in Ski Open. Even though he was in the lead, he managed to salvage eighth place overall. Thankfully, just the day before, Valentin had demonstrated his talent by finishing in third place on the podium of the Ski GP class. Valentin feels positive about this World Championship, which gives him ongoing optimism for the 2014 season.

The next big appointment for Valentin will be in Guadeloupe; not for racing, but to take part in a film over fifteen days that is being produced by SHAMS Prod.

How did your World Championships go?

Valentin Dardillat"I was on the start of the two major categories. On Saturday, we raced for the Ski GP title over two motos and the next day we had three motos for Ski Open. Everything started well as I won the qualifier in Ski GP. That gave me confidence but a bad start forced me to come back from sixth to fourth place in the first moto. I was sharper in the second moto. I stayed in second place for most of the race until one rider got past me. I finished third overall and I was satisfied with the result. Then we had the qualifiers for Ski GP and that's when my problems started..."

What happened in the Ski Open category?

VD: "I was leading the qualifier when my only compatriot racer hit me hard at the rear of my machine as we were coming out of the split section. I was thrown into the water. I went from leading the race to finishing in eighth place. Afterwards, I could only manage a fifth place in the first moto despite a good come back. I had a bad place on the line for the start. In the second moto, I thought for a moment that everything was looking better. After a great start I took the lead. I remained there for several laps until my machine started to lose power. I had no choice other than to abandon the race, knowing that my engine was breaking down. I took part in the final moto just for fun with the practice ski of a friend and managed to finish in sixth place. I'm disappointed not to have been able to consolidate my performance but that's down to the harsh rules of motor-sport...”

Overall, how do you feel about your season?

VD: "I'm feeling very positive. Throughout the season, I felt like I was getting better all the time. I concentrated on my physical training thanks to my coach and that enabled me to give 100% from the start to the finish of every single moto. I use the elements of attack and speed to my advantage, which enables me to be more efficient when overtaking; this manoeuvre remains the most dangerous and technical in jet ski racing. This season has given me more motivation for 2014, which I will plan by upwardly revising my ambitions.”