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Sparks US Open of Watercross was HOT HOT HOT!

The story of the weekend...was the heat!! So hot it crashed two of UWP's computer, but the real heat was on the water!

Pro Runabout Open 

sparks bushell

The Sparks US Open of Watercross was a weekend of intense racing and Sunday's racing started with James Bushell the 2012 World Champion working to catch up on national points aboard his BRP, Jet Tribe, Jet Trim, 158 Performance Sea-Doo and stamped his authority with a clean sweep taking a 1,1,1 in the Pro Runabout Open class. Abdullah F. Alfadhel gave pursuit to Bushell on his Riva Racing, Kuwait Airways, Quakeysense, Deans Team, Factory Yamaha with a consistent 2,2,2 and third place went to Erminio Iantosca on his Sea-Doo, Jettribe, Hydro-Turf, Judge Motorsports, WRT, Villon Clothing, Monster Energy, Sea-Doo, with a 4,3,3.

This was the first time in watercross history the two international competitors swept the Pro Runabout Open class at the Sparks US Open of Watercross; James Bushell from the United Kingdom and Abdullah F. Alfadhel from Kuwait.

Bushell will need to win at each of the next three rounds to close up the gap in points if he wants to earn his first a US National title.

Congratulations to US Open of Watercross winner James Bushell Pro Runabout Open class!

Pro Ski GP

sparks macclugage

The Pro Ski GP competitors came out fast and furious filling the line with west coast riders from end to end. Chris Macclugage aboard his Monster Energy, Macc Racing, HT Moto, Kawasaki got off to a slow start this weekend having to work his way up through the division of riders to take the win on Saturday.

On Sunday, the Pro Ski GP class could not hold their line and Chris Macclugage took the hole shot, not once but twice and each time the race was red flagged. Third time was the charm, in the start and Chris found himself mid pack at the first turn, using his skill and experience mounted a charge and worked his way to second but was unable to catch David Redinger on his Kommander Industries, Fly, Blowsion, Ryno Power, Go-Pro Kawasaki. Moto three was all Macclugage as he was in a class all by himself taking the overall with a 1,2,1. The weekend's second went to David Redinger with a 7,1,2 and third to new comer Brock Austin riding a Queen Racing, Liquid Malatia, Hydro-Turf Jettribe, Oakley, Hot Products, Weber Power, Pro Watercraft Racing Hydrospace.

Only 5 points separate Chris Macclugage and reining US National Tour & 2012 US Open of Watercross Champion Rob Flores.

Congratulations to US Open of Watercross winner Chris Macclugage in the Pro Ski GP class!

Pro Runabout Stock

sparks snyder

Never a dull moment in the Pro Runabout Stock class - Saturday had some controversy with Neptune Racing, Riva, Judge, Slippery, Hydro-Turf Sea-Doo mounted Troy Snyder thinking the race should have been re-started, Snyder backed off only to realized the race was green and then had to work his way to second. Snyder's nemesis Eric Francis was already gone on board his Dave's Auto Body, Monster Energy, Fly Racing, Hydro-Turf, Mountain Motorsports, Prorider Magazine Kawasaki to take the Moto win. Third place went to Brent Venderley riding his Jettribe, Sea-Doo X-team, Pro Hydro-X tour, Riva, Exotic signs, Action Sea-doo from Bradenton FL.

Sunday, however Troy Snyder was not to be denied as he went 1, 1, and second went to Eric Francis with a second in moto 2, and an off moto 3 left Francis with a fourth place finish. Third overall went to Brent Venderley who was consistent all weekend long with three consecutive third place finishes.

If Troy Snyder is able to win each of the last three rounds he could walk away with the elusive US National tour title for 2013.

Congratulations to US Open of Watercross winner Troy Snyder in the Pro Runabout Stock class!

Pro Freestyle

sparks martin

2012 US National & World Champion Amateur Freestylist now turned Pro; Daniel Martin of X-scream, Jet Pilot, Hydro-Turf, Full Spectrum Carbs, Optima Racing, Grandbury Motorsports, Nasco steel, put on a tandem show with Jace Forest for the crowd, and Daniel Martin wowing them with 9 back flips in a row, and Jace Forest of Team X-scream, Lakeside Marina doing back flips, can cans and spiced it up with some old school tricks. On Sunday Mark Gomez sponsored by Hydro-Turf, Liquid Militia, Kommander Industries, KMG Racing, Impros, Mystik Lubricants Yamaha joined the duo and put on a nice series of old school plus some of the current tricks to take second in the amateur class.

Congratulations to US Open of Watercross winner Troy Snyder in the Pro Freestyle class!

In 2014 each of the US Open of Watercross champions; James Bushell, Chris Macclugage, Troy Snyder and Dan Martin will be honored at the Roasting of Champions (and poked fun at, at their expense) this is a great honor for competitor to be acknowledged as the best in their sport!

For complete race results and more information about watercross racing, visit UWP on the web at www.uwpinc.com

Congratulations to all Class winners...

Pro-Am Ski Stock Spec - Rob Flores

Pro-Am Runabout Limited - Abdullah F. Alfadhel

Expert Ski Limited - Pete Zernick

Expert Ski GP - Ryan Decker

Amateur Freestyle - Jace Forest

Runabout N/A Spec - Charles Anderson

Sport Open - Glen Jung

Sport Spec - Madison Scott

Vintage X-2 - Doug Wolfe

Novice Ski Limited - Bibi Carmouche

Novice Ski Stock Spec - Ethan Templeton

Novice Runabout - GL Legendre

Veteran Runabout Open - Dawna Beresford

Women's Runabout Limited - Dawna Beresford

Junior Ski Lites 13-15 - Maelle Vilon

Women's Ski Limited - Bibi Carmouche

Amateur Ski Lites - Jordon Carroll

Pro-Am Ski Lites - Michael Prodanovich

Vintage Ski 550/650 - Mark Gomez

For full results of the event weekend go to www.uwpinc.com - race results page!

The Hydro-Turf National Tour

would like to thank the City of Sparks and Reno Tahoe USA for all of their help in making this event a success!

We'll see you at the races...

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