image001Greetings to everyone in the sport of Personal Watercraft Racing.  A very special greetings to all of you who like to finalize your plans a mere four weeks before the start of the biggest PWC event in the world.  This is the time of year when we all get more acquainted through  confusing emails, incomplete entry forms, ridiculously fake media credential requests, and conspiracy theories.  All this is part of experience, I suppose, and if that is part of what it takes to get all of us to Lake Havasu City then why mess with success.  Kidding aside, it seems that more people are reading the updates and are preparing for the event and pitching in for it to run efficiently.  We all want racing to be great and with all of us cooperating and fostering a positive environment it will be.  Please share the following news with your friends and colleagues in the watercraft community.

  1. quakysense is really proud of their new KOOTA product line.  quakysense has released another new KOOTS product, a fragrance spray.  The KOOTA fragrance mist promises to help alleviate damage from ultra violet rays and to aid in rehydrating the skin.  Read all about it here:
  1. Blowsion Surf Slam.  The Surf Slam is this weekend.  Held annually, in Pacific City, Oregon, the Surf Slam is one of the most fun events that you can possibly attend.  The aerial stunts from the world’s best Freeride athletes are intense but everything else is pure enjoyment.  We recommend everyone attend.  For more information visit
  1. Mail Drops.  IJSBA has begun sending out email blasts every five days.  Some of the information is the same as you see here but not all of it.  If you have not received one of our e-news emails, and the thought of missing any IJSBA related news is simply too agonizing to bear, please sign up here:
  1. Blake arrives in a week.  Around this time in Lake Havasu City, there are many signs that World Finals is just around the corner.  Most obviously, there are a whole lot more Personal Watercraft running around town that have race numbers affixed to the side.  The grocery stores are filled with tirck-or-treat candy, corn husks, and pumpkins.  Ok, so maybe this means that Halloween and Thanksgiving are around the corner but it happens at the same time as World Finals.  The one sign that is exclusively to World Finals is that Blake Corning arrives in Havasu to start preparing the event site.  Blake does an amazing job of getting things ready and the event would not run as well as it does without him.  Blake’s pre-arrival budget was increased by a good amount this year allowing him to order, in advance, a healthy supply of materials needed to make the event perfect.  Blake was happy when this happened.  Blake later found out that his post-arrival budget was cut to accommodate the pre-arrival budget.  Blake was not as happy when this happened.  So, if you are out in Lake Havasu City over the next three weeks and run into Blake, and he hits you up to borrow a tool or some supplies while venting that the jerk who controls his budget cut some of it back…well, it is a true story.  Please loan him whatever he needs.
  1. In the last week, IJSBA mentioned that we would be managing the race pits by preplacing groups of competitors who were agreeing to share a space.  We are pleased that so many people have not only read this bulletin, but have also done all of the right things necessary to secure a spot for their team.  If you have a group of five persons, or more, and are willing to share a single pit space, please contact IJSBA.  Also, if you are a sing competitor, or are a team of only two competitors and are sharing a trailer 12 feet or under, please contact IJSBA to see about reserving pit space.  Only 50% of pit space will be reserved.  The rest will be available on a first come first served basis.  Please email if you meet any of the criteria to reserve a pit space.
  1. New Media.  Prior to World Finals, IJSBA will be releasing some exciting news about some new media partners with IJSBA.  IJSBA has been heavily preparing for new media avenues for our vast offerings of events and other material.  Just as when IJSBA was once approached by a fledgling ESPN, which was looking for content to rival the “big broadcast networks” in the field of sports presentation, IJSBA now finds itself being well courted by several entities who are looking to have a large library of programing of their internet based broadcasting.  IJSBA will have some terrific news about some of our old libraries as well as new events.  The “cut the cord” movement is in full force an IJSBA will bring our sport straight to the forefront of where the customers in our demographic are looking for their content.  Please stay tuned and watch for news about broadcast and interactive based developments.
  1. Open on Fridays.  IJSBA is normally open Monday through Thursday.  Ria Gomes, the office and membership manager, is getting married at the end of the month and is having her honeymoon after World Finals.  We will make a big deal about this later.  In the meantime, she has some pre-wedding things to do on some Thurdays so she will be working half days on Thursdays and half days on Fridays.  This means you can reach IJSBA, by telephone, for the first half of the day on Fridays until the last Friday of the month.  This also means that your IJSBA Executive Director will be answering the telephone himself on Thursday afternoon.  Please be patient!
  1. IJSBA is pleased to present the most updated list of confirmed vendors who will be exhibiting at the trade show portion of the quakysesne World Finals.  IJSBA expects to reach nearly eighty confirmed vendors.  With the exhibitors who have yet to finalize their arrangement putting us well into the 70+ count, IJSBA is now taking only inquiries to be on the waiting list.
  1. quakysense
  2. KOOTA
  3. Eric Malone Enterprises
  4. Hydroturf
  5. Gasket Technologies
  6. Blowsion
  7. Surf Slam
  8. Jet Pilot
  9. Riva
  10. Jettrim
  11. Gary Hart Vintage Ski Museum
  12. Full Spectrum
  13. Jet Dynamics
  14. X Screan
  15. Tone Tools
  16. Rick Roy Products
  17. Thrust Innovations
  18. Jet Connection
  19. M&M Marine
  20. TrendSetterz
  21. Havasu SXS Club
  22. Off Road Expo
  23. Mad Ramps
  24. Desert Storm
  25. Body Glove
  26. Ronix Wakeboards
  27. Riders Choice
  28. Liquid Militia
  29. Bolt Motorcycles
  30. Hydro Hammock
  31. Sea-Doo
  32. Jet Renu
  33. Rage Composites
  34. Freestyle Factory
  35. Sato Engineering
  36. Aquacopter
  37. TC Freeride
  38. Worx
  39. DASA
  40. Stars
  41. Pro Watercraft
  42. Ride Free
  43. Hurricaine Industries
  44. Freedom Motorsports
  45. Tough Trucks
  46. Villon Clothing
  47. Wasser Jet
  48. Kinjii
  49. Engine Tech
  50. JetskiNWorld
  51. Solas
  52. SB Products
  53. Watcon
  54. Real Time Pain Relief
  55. Jettribe
  56. IMS/Shirt Werx
  57. IJSBA
  58. YRR Supercharers
  59. Yamaha
  60. Undaunted Clothing
  61. Freegun
  62. Bullett Racing
  63. Torx Racing
  64. Flip Flop Shop
  65. Jetlift
  66. Kawasaki
  67. FTF
  68. Visit Lake Tulloch
  69. Martinique
  70. JetRacer World Endurance Tour
  71. The following food vendors:

-Kokomos Taco Truck
- Popocorn Gals
-Bona Fide Barbecue
- Marnie’s Nachos
- Oak Barrel Jerky
- Havasu Garlic and Olive Oil

  1. …..and still more to be announced

This completes this pre-World Finals update.  We will be back with another one in five days .  In the meantime, please watch for some very exciting announcements that we expect to make in the next few days.  For any questions about this press release, or the 2015 quakysense World Finals, lease email or call +1-714-751-8695.