The U.S. Grand National Watercross Championships has released it's Competition Guide for 2005.  Get all your Racing Information on some of the Hottest Race Sites in the country.

Come see why Harbor Beach, Michigan and the ever prestigious Budweiser/Novi Can-Am Cup has become Personal Watercraft Racing's 2nd largest spectator event in the United States.

Enjoy the festive atmosphere of Indiana Beach Amusement Resort and Water Park as some of the best riders in the U.S and Canada provide some great racing in front of an anticipated several thousand spectators.  Be sure not to miss the racing action at Lakeview with it's beautiful park surroundings and perfect beaches for Jet-Ski Racing.

Check out the 2005 Competition Guide and get information on Motels, Race Site General Information, Directions, Weekend Schedules, 2004 Can-Am Cup Results and Information on changes for the 2005 Season.

2005 Full Competition Guide with pictures (1.1 mg) 17 pages  (pdf)
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2005 Competition Guide Text Only (printable version) (267 kb) 15 pages (pdf)
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