Great news from the IJSBA organziers in Texas.  This three stop series that also reaches Oklahoma is sure to bring some of the best racing, yet, to the Lone Star State.

TXH2ORacing is pleased to announce our second season!  We had a marvelous turnout of new and seasoned racers during the 2016 season and look forward to further growing the sport in 2017.  We have a couple of new locations for our 2017 season as we were unable (due to flooding) to maintain Somerville on our 2016 schedule and we are excited that it has recovered and we are able to place it on this season’s schedule as well as the new location of Keystone Lake.  The Keystone Lake location is a joint effort of multiple regions teaming up as we are hosting this race in a team effort with Nautiwater Racing out of Kansas.  

We are particularly excited about Keystone Lake since to our knowledge, there has not been a personal watercraft race held there and this race would be the inaugural race on that lake.  However, our excitement about this season doesn’t end there as we are working on several sponsorship opportunities and already have Yamaha as one of our race sponsors.  

We are adding a couple of regional class offerings this season which includes a vintage open class and junior sport spec.  This is going to be an amazing season and as always, we at TXH2ORacing, make a determined effort to provide a class for any watercraft and keep our races family friendly and drama free.  We hope to see all of you this season.

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