Logo-World-Final-194px-x-194px-Well, it’s the last night before racing starts.  The pits are full at Crazy Horse Campgrounds where, approximately 24 hours from now, we will be announcing the first set of champions for the 2014 Jettribe World Finals.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day as we have prevented several people from entering Novice classes due to ineligibility.  Career Novices will have to join the Expert ranks.

Likewise, we have removed several people from Amateur Classes due to the new rule preventing competitors from competing in an Amateur Classes in which the rider has already earned three previous podium finishes.  We hope that these policies succeed in keeping the Novice Classes at the entry level.

Conversely, there are record numbers in Lites Classes and Pro Am numbers this year.  Also, the Classic Runabout categories are showing some of the strongest numbers perhaps since the classes were created.  Competition looks like it will be very strong this year.

On other news, we are assembling a team of engine builders and tuners to start evaluating restrictor plates in the Runabout Classes.  Restrictor plates are popular in automotive racing to reduce top speeds on the race course.  This is a technology that has a high likelihood of being part of IJSBA Racing in the very near future.  Runabout competitors are highly advised to send in your comments, right away, to info@ijsba.com as we want to know your opinions on this matter.  This year’s World Finals is the start of a lot of rapid and progressive changes that the racing public can expect to see implemented over the next three years.

This is what is happening here in Lake Havasu City, we will bring you more news tomorrow when racing gets on its way.