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TXH2ORacing had racers from all over the state come out for Rounds 3 & 4 to friendly Madisonville, Texas.  It was a great weekend of competitive racing, fun, and everyone got to get in on the excitement, including Matt McGovern, a writer for Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine, the local firefighters, newspaper, and city manager that were among the spectators.  There are many areas of Texas that have experienced record setting rain and flooding.  Unfortunately, TXH2ORacing's grand finale location of Somerville, Texas, is among those locations that have been hit by flooding and that location is currently under almost 20 feet of water.  The season finale, Rounds 5 & 6, was slated for August 13-14 and while those dates will not change, the location has been changed to Gene's Powersports in Baytown, Texas.  TXH2ORacing is excited to begin and end our inaugural season at the popular Baytown location.

Here is the link to the Madisonville Meteor Story: http://m.madisonvillemeteor.com/sports/article_29856688-37f2-11e6-98ba-ebfa5351bd05.html?mode=jqm


Texas 2016_06 Saturday Round 3 Madisonville TX

Texas 2016_06 Sunday Round 4 Madisonville TX

Texas 2016_06 TXH2ORacing Season Points Standings Rounds 1-4