Logo-World-Final-194px-x-194px-IJSBA is pleased to bring you a couple of updates from World Finals.  The two days of rain really surprised us, nobody here remembered two straight days of rain in World Finals ever.  In fact, most people polled only remembered two total prior days of rain ever.  Anyway, it is sunshine and good times now and we are setting down to write a few words about the event.

2014 Jettribe World Finals: Day 1 In The Books

A little rain never hurts a personal watercraft race.  Well, maybe it can, but, it didn’t hurt this one.  Competitors lined up and competed in a total of 30 races on the first day of the 2014 Jettribe World Finals.

The day started with an Amateur Runabout 800 Limited heat race which saw Alomar Abdulrahmen taking the win for the first heat of the day.  The 800 Runabout Class still had an impressive following with many people on the shoreline talking about equipment and speeds of the class. Race 16, Novice Women’s Ski Limited, was the first crowning of a World Champion with Sandra Borgstrom taking the title in front of an impressively filled set of grandstands for a rainy Tuesday.  The rain, though, brought a coolness and an overcast feel that isn’t normally felt in Lake Havasu City.  The nail biter was the second Moto of Veterans Runabout Limited where Moto 1 winner Troy Snyder trailed behind Cory Rarick (third in moto 1), Tim Neff (second in moto 1) rallied hard, and nearly passed Snyder, but a cloud of smoke signaled a loss of power for Neff.  In the end Troy Snyder captured a World Title.  There was only a nominal amount of rain throughout the day.

Here is a list of winners from Day 1:

Novice Ski Stock                                               Manussanun Munkun (Thailand)
Novice Ski Limited                                           Ilias Bousselman (Belgium)
Novice Runabout Stock                                 Hamad Al Dalali (Kuwait)
Runabout Classic Stock                                 Rashed Al Rashed (Kuwait)
Novice Runabout Limited                             Salem Al Saraf  (USA)
Masters Ski Stock                                             Daniel Martinelli (Agrentina)
Veterans Runabout Open                            Troy Snyder (USA)
Amateur Vet Ski Limited                               Daniel Martinelli (Argentina)
Amateur Runabout 800 Limited                 Alomar Abdulrahmen (Kuwait)
Novice Womens Ski Limited                        Sandra Borgstrom (Swedan)

Day Two: No Rain No Gain

So, the second day of completion had the 2014 Jettribe World Finals seeing quite a bit more rain which set back race staff as well as many vendors who were setting up for their first day of sales.  The competition was fierce with a handful of countries trying to earn their share of nations trophy points.  As we are just finishing day three and are slammed with work and trying to close out the day, so here are the day two winners and we will bring you more news soon.

Day two winners:

Amateur Runabout 1000 SS                         Phadit Buree (Thailand)
Amateur Runabout Stock                             Paloma Noceda (Peru)
Expert Ski Limited                                            Jesper Hermansen (Norway)
Masters Ski Open                                            Bill Haig (USA)
Runabout Classic Limited                              Nawaf Al Farhan (Kuwait)
Ski Classic 2 Stroke Limited                           Kody Copenhaver (USA)
Amateur Ski Lites                                             Antoine Goethals (Belgium)