IJSBA is pleased to relay the message that the Jr. Stars Day With The Pros event, held on the grounds of the 2015 quakysense World Finals, has some remaining sponsorship opportunities.

Please see the following news from them:

Jr Stars Day with the Pros is an opportunity for junior racers from all over the world to connect with their favorite pro riders and learn valuable skills while having fun. This year we have some awesome professionals that will be attending and working with the kids with skills like starts, social media, television interviews and more.

We are currently seeking support for this year’s JR Stars Day with the Pros, from the companies in the industry. A company like YOU, could help support the Junior Stars by doing the following:

How we give back

  • Sign up gift bag for all JR’s- We appreciate all sponsors and so do the kids and families. We make 100 gift bags to give out to all Jr Racers and families. This is where your company info could be seen. Gift cards, discounts, stickers with your info is a great way for the Moms and Dads to contact you in the future.
  • Jr Star T-shirt- Every year we do a very cool t-shirt that we notice year after year the kids and families continue to use. Your name would be displayed on the t-shirt. (Sorry no logos due to the amount of sponsors) We try to keep the shirt clean so the kids like the design and wear it because it looks cool!
  • JR Star Booth- Your logo will be displayed at our JR Star tent in Performance Ally for all to see. You are also welcome to provide us with stickers or flyers of your company to display.
  • JR Star Video- We continue to promote our sponsors through a Youtube video. We will add your logo or name. Youtube Channel is https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7cHDPtV14aUv3-OPhSdFdTiOWPeh39_6
  • JR Star Awards- At the final awards ceremony we thank all of our sponsors.
  • Facebook- We always post pictures of the great gifts and exciting news with all of our facebook followers. Here’s the link to follow us now! https://www.facebook.com/JRStarRacing
  • JR Star Web page will display your name for one year. Here’s the link https://prowatercraftracing.com/racing/jr-star-program


For those interested, weare asking all to fill out our entry form to donate to the event. Here’s the link https://ww04.elbowspace.com/secure/20150720212512881156

Shipping donations?  Please mail everything to:

JR Star Racing

1675 Kiowa Ave #110

Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 USA

Your help will be pivotal in making JR Stars Day with the Pros a success, and we look forward to working with you in the future. For information further regarding JR Stars Day with the Pros, or to contact about making a donation, contact JRStarRacing@gmail.com.

JR Star Racing

(928) 846-9593


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Make a Donation to our PayPal account: jrstarracing@gmail.com

Here's the link to the 2015 Entry form 
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