sphere“Human Hamster Ball” at the IJSBA Hot Products World Finals

Walk, run or flip on top of the water inside a giant transparent sphere with Sphere Runner.

You might be asking yourself...WHAT ARE WATER WALKING BALLS? 

Water balls, water walking balls, hamster balls, bubble balls or whatever name you want to call them, are the most exhilarating aquatic entertainment. They are, by far, one of the best water toys ever invented.

When you are on the water and inside the water spheres you can do just about anything you like...try your hand at running or balancing. Maybe you want to try bump into your friends in the other balls or for the more laid back, just get in and relax!

“This is a must-do experience for all fitness and water enthusiasts,” said David Berry, Co-Owner of Sphere Runner. “You will be able to enter a sphere that is air tight, step onto the water do what you want and never get wet – and we’re really excited to bring our spheres to the IJSBA Hot Products World Finals for everyone to try.”

Our water spheres are perfect for... Kids/Adult Birthday Parties, Shows, Malls, Product Launch, Events, Fairs, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties and Grand Openings!