IJSBA is pleased to announce that Slippery Wetsuits are the official wetsuits of the 2018 Blowsion World Finals.  For the last 29 years, Slippery brand wetsuits have been the premier performance apparel chosen by factory sponsored racers and privateers alike. No other brand of wetsuit captures the style and flair unique to the sport of Personal Watercraft Racing while providing an unparalleled level of body coverage and flexibility.


In addition to the hundreds of competitors that will wear the Slippery logo as they cross the finish line, IJSBA course marshals and staff will don Slippery wetsuits, gloves, and boots to stay protected from the elements during the ten hour days in the waters of Lake Havasu City.


The team over at Slippery Wetsuits have several surprises in store for the racing community for the 2019 Blowsion World Finals which are held at Crazy Horse Resort and Campgrounds from September 29- October 7, 2018.  Stay tuned to ijsba.com for more information.  To see the very latest in Slippery Wetsuits, please visit www. Slipperywetsuits.com