The 2016 Hot Products IJSBA Mark Hahn Memorial Havasu 300, presented by Yamaha, has a very exciting team joining the competition: Tera Laho and Shawn Alladio.  Below is the official news of this duo:




Ø  300 Mile Team Race

Ø  Location:  Crazy Horse Campgrounds, Arizona USA

Ø  Date: February 27, 2016

Ø  Promoter:  RPM Racing Enterprises

Ø  Sanctioning: IJSBA


If Champions have winning ways, this team fielded by 2 mothers has all the measures to continue a premiere domination spanning over 300 miles of racing or equivalent to 8 hours of sustained output on board a Kawasaki. Tera Laho and Shawn Alladio literally ‘joined forces’ to drive the female competitive edge at the Hot Products IJSBA Mark Hahn Memorial Havasu 300.

‎This team is a top contender racing a manufacture stock Kawasaki Jet Ski® Ultra® 310LX . The Ultra hull has proven itself to be a consistent podium winner over the years that has fielded all the rough water endurance race teams by sustained and repetitive wins.  The water of Lake Havasu are suited for the #27 Ultra hull. With an unpredictable personality race day can have any type of water conditions. From flat and boring to agitated and angry, the lake is a crap shoot until the morning of the 27th, these women are ready.


Tera Laho brings with her an extremely impressive racing pedigree that is now a legacy chronicle for women in all motorsports.  She’s been competing over 2 decades and has the reign for World and National Titles.  Tera has instinct, strength and knowledge that few can match due to her uncanny intuitive knowledge of fine tuning a race boat to maximize traction.

Shawn Alladio first began riding in the late 1970’s and began competing in 1980.  She is a strong water safety professional and has enjoyed competing in offshore events since 1987.  She has enjoyed many endurance racers on the Race Team over the years and a recipient of their awards. Shawn is co-owner of Liquid Militia Clothing and both racers compete bearing the Liquid Militia brand.

Tera is also Liquid Militia’s top fielded female athlete, this duo knows the motto well, because they live it ever day: ‘Get Wet Or Go Home’.


Together these 2 women are the most accomplished racers at the Mark Hahn race.

‘Tera will be starting the race at full strength off the line. Her determined aggressiveness is perfect for pushing off the start, a trademarks she is well known for and respected by, she’s going to be red hot off the beach’, states her teammate Shawn.

‘Shawn has a lot of experience with the Kawasaki Ultra hulls and is a strong rider, this will give me an opportunity to try a new race boat in partnership with her and for both of us to drive our #27 race boat to its full limit’, says Tera.

Perfect Pit Crew: Once again in 2016, Shawn and Tera’s friends combine forces to bring a skilled group of committed patriots who not only go the distance, they are doing it without stress of effort but rather with a big heart. People Inspired Team (PIT) is their name, because it’s not worth coming to a race, uptight, spun out and stressed. The only thing you will see in their pit is smiles, hear laughter and see results.


Both women are seasoned and enduring racers. They earned their reputation through execution of skill, and consistent performance results. Because of their royal status in the sport, sponsorships are of a select and elite nature. Kawasaki Motors Corporation USA is lending support, and their team’s pit crew vehicles come from a well-known local business in Havasu, River Rat Motorsports. River Rat Motorsports is supporting with 2 pit vehicles and has made a full commitment in partnership for the success of the team, the pitting element of this race is truly ‘all of the fun’.

One thing these ladies know is that to race is to enjoy! Support would not be complete without Bud-Light, because as hard as these ladies race, they are family and have the original race attitude that fueled the sport of today. The will be hosting an after race BBQ and the beer will be flowing in Bud-Light tributes for the pit crew, supporters and fellow race teams on site at Crazy Horse Campgrounds. It’s not just racing, it’s time for friends and family and to appreciate the experience as much as be the experience.

Hydroturf pads means traction, the sort these ladies will need as they push their JET SKI through its paces on the waters of Lake Havasu.

Beachcombers has been a mainstay sponsor of Tera for years now supporting her beach lifestyle and a local company located in Lake Havasu. Betty Belts Jewelry provides the muse for the graceful reminders that we all need to take care of ourselves and the ladies will be wearing one of the jewelry treasures. Triton Nutrition cares when you don’t and the ladies know that to go through a grueling gauntlet they need to make sure they have the right nutrients. For race information: