IJSBA has received this swell update from BRP Sea-Doo regarding all kinds of things going on with their watercraft line.  Of particular interest to IJSBA is the Sea-Doo Explorer Pro which would make an excellent course marshal watercraft.  If you would like to see these on the course, please send emails and make phone calls to BRP.... lots and lots of emails and phone calls.  Anyway, here is their press release full of surfing and rider jackets.


With the new year upon us and boat shows kicking off around North America, we have hit the ground running, looking forward to another dynamic, innovative, and industry-disrupting year!


This month, we have more fresh, easy-to-share news morsels for your eager audiences. From a new partnership with Big Wave Surfing legends Kai and Ridge Lenny to yet another award for the industry’s first purpose-built adventure watercraft, we have a lot to talk about!


And while the boat shows will be hot, the winter weather for our friends in the north will not, so make plans now to come to Florida for a personalized 1:1 Sea-Doo experience on the new generation Spark, RXP-X 325, GTR-X 300, Switch Cruise Limited, or Adventure on the Sea-Doo Explorer Pro. We would love to help create some unique stories custom-made for you, so just let us know what you are interested in doing and we will help make it happen.



Sea-Doo Kicks Off Partnership with Big Wave Surfing Icons Kai and Ridge Lenny


When you’re towing surfers into 50-foot walls of water and performing critical rescues mere feet from towering explosions of whitewater like Kai and Ridge Lenny, you need the very best technology possible to stay alive. The caliber of preparation, communication, and innovation within the Lennys’ water safety team is beyond military grade, and that’s why we are so excited to announce a new partnership between Sea-Doo and the Lenny brothers. With lives on the line every time they get in the water, this collaboration is truly authentic, exciting, and paradigm-shifting within the industry.


Sea-Doo’s unmatched reliability and performance are the perfect complement to the surgical level that Kai and Ridge perform at, where every second counts and failures lead to catastrophic outcomes. Personal watercraft have become an indispensable tool for big wave surfers, facilitating previously impossible rescues, and the Lenny brothers will now be exclusively utilizing Sea-Doo watercraft as they chase the heaviest and most dangerous waves in the world.


“My goal is to be the best big-wave surfer on the planet,” said Kai Lenny. “Having the best technology in the world ensures that I am capable of pushing the limits of the sport, resetting the bar, but also coming home to my family.”




Sea-Doo Explorer Pro Named Watercraft of the Year by the Watercraft Journal


Adding to an impressive list of accolades since its introduction, including an NMMA Innovation Award and being named Gear Junkie’s

Adventure Vehicle of the Year, the Explorer Pro has now been recognized as the 2023 Watercraft of the Year by the Watercraft Journal.


As the industry’s first adventure model, the Sea-Doo Explorer Pro is the most adventure-ready out-of-the-box watercraft designed and engineered to take riders further in more comfort and style, to the point where they can leave civilization for days on end. Adventure seekers can ride as a multi-day, self-contained exploration package with its massive storage capabilities, fuel-efficient load-hauling power, and unmatched stability. The Explorer Pro adds comfort features new to the personal watercraft (PWC) world to ensure riders can tackle essentially every kind of adventure and condition Mother Nature sends their way.


New for 2024, adventurers can now get to their destination even faster with the powerful and ultra-reliable 230hp ROTAX 1630 ACE engine option.



Start Your Season Sooner with a Sea-Doo Explorer Riding Jacket


For those stuck inside and dreaming about their first ride of the season, get a head start and be the first on the water this year with a Sea-Doo ride jacket to keep you warm and dry!


Designed to keep your body heat in and water out, the easy-to-layer

Sea-Doo Explorer Riding Jacket is designed to be worn over a PFD and features an adjustable hood and velcro wrist for a just-right fit that doesn't hinder your movement. A neoprene and nylon blended material offers cover from the elements, while details like a center back slit offer ease of movement. Multi-use pockets with webbing add plenty of secure, intelligent storage so essentials can come along for the ride.


If you are the first one on the water and the last back to the dock when you ride, this is an accessory you can’t live without!