We are nearing the end of summer yet there is plenty of boating to enjoy so we’re sharing some of our highlights of August with you. In the never-ending quest to feed the hungry content machine, we hope this will help. These are simply information snacks, and should you want to dig in for the full course please contact me directly.  Stay cool my friends.



If there is one thing BRP is known for, it’s innovation. Sea-Doo continues to win awards for their exceptional designs of their 2019 models and accessories. The latest award comes from one of the oldest and most prestigious international design awards, Good Design Australia.



The Sea-Doo Fish Pro, no stranger to awards, racks up another one within the Automotive and Transportation category. Here’s what the Good Design Awards


This is brimming with clever ideas to turn a personal watercraft into a recreational fishing craft. The bespoke touches, such as the dedicated holder for the Garmin Fish Finder, the easily detachable and transportable esky (with ruler) and the side-saddle rear seat and gunwale non-slip footrest all tick clever design boxes.” – Award Jury


Sea-Doo also scored a win in the Sport and Lifestyle category with the new LinQ System 51L Cooler which comes standard on the Sea-Doo Fish Pro. This cooler is also sold separately and compatible with any LinQ System.


What a brilliant design concept brought to reality by a design team that lives and breathe this sector. This is such a novel idea that will open up a whole new raft of possibilities and functions for the end-user. Every aspect of this product has been meticulously designed – form, function, material selection, ergonomics, aesthetics, design for manufacture – all coming together to create a world class product with high market appeal. Well done BRP Design for continually setting the bar for good design in this category.” – Award Jury


More information on the awards can be found here:



The LinQ accessory system allows Sea-Doo watercraft owners to enhance their Sea-Doo life. The cooler is one of eight LinQ accessories that attaches in seconds with no tools. What ever they want to do on the water, the LinQ accessories allow them to do it further, longer, and with more of the things that they want with them.

The Sea-Doo 4-Gal (15 L) Gas Caddy is fueling your summer adventures allowing you to go further with peace of mind. This useful attachment keeps you doing your favorite Sea-Doo activities longer than ever before. This LinQ accessory is already marinized for saltwater purposes and designed for easy pouring. It also allows for both the SR 21 L LinQ Bag or the LinQ Sport Bag to stack on top of the fuel caddy for even more storage. The LinQ 4-Gal Gas Caddy accessory now fits all platforms and are sold separately for USD $179.99.




West Coast Watercraft Club

Personal Watercraft Clubs are an awesome way to experience the Sea-Doo life with friends, family and other PWC enthusiasts. With many clubs stretched across the US, the West Coast Watercraft Club stands out and is worth highlighting.

The West Coast Watercraft Club isn’t the oldest, or the largest PWC Club, but it is unique. It is the only Personal Watercraft Club in northern or southern California and is the fastest growing watercraft club on the west coast. With over 319 devoted member, the club has quite a presence on the water.


The WCWCC is hosting their 2nd annual Lake Powell PWC Rec Ride on September 18 -24. This will definitely be a ride for the books, and an experience like no other. Grab a Sea-Doo and hit the water!


Check out their website for more club information.