X-TEAM RACER and Sea-Doo Ultimate Fan, Kevin Wassum, only trusts the ultimate Sea-Doo X-Team gear when racing

Kevin Wassum Racing P Aqua X

Kevin Wassum racing in the inaugural U.S. P Aqua X Stock race.

Sea-Doo Performance enthusiasts live for the latest and greatest technologies on the water. They want to have the best equipment, the best gear, and head to the water for a real adrenaline rush! They expect the elements that support their passion to be as functional as they are fashionable.

These Sea-Doo Performance enthusiasts fall into the realm of the X-Team, BRP’s designated performance brand for the special, no holds barred, extreme riders. These riders put a premium on power, handling and top-end performance and need riding gear to match these demands. The X-Team riders push their physical and mental abilities to extract every shred of performance from their Sea-Doo watercraft.

When a rider demands the most from their watercraft and themselves the riding gear can make the difference in comfort and performance. That’s why the Sea-Doo X-Team gear is developed in conjunction with the product development to ensure complete rider/watercraft integration. As with any athlete the initial focus should be on the core

Mens performance X Team Wet Suit

Kevin Wassum is one of these Sea-Doo Performance enthusiasts. He is a Sea-Doo fan, but not any fan; he won the “Ultimate Sea-Doo Fan” contest in 2011 and has since become a performance fan, having entered his first watercraft racing event this summer. He is a fit rider and wears the Sea-Doo Performance X-Team Combo Suit and Force Pullover PFD. Wassum tells us why this is the right suit for the performance enthusiasts.

“When it comes to rough water riding, I prefer the sleeveless style over the traditional long sleeve one piece and “shorty” wetsuits for a few reasons; the sleeveless wetsuit provides your legs with full coverage and protection from chaffing during choppy conditions. It’s less restrictive and easier to pull on and take off than a one-piece wetsuit because of the material and construction. The sleeveless style also allows a rider to choose between riding with the jacket or without to stay warm during cooler weather or cooler during warm weather. So you get the best of everything, nice fit, comfort when it’s warm out, and warmth when it’s cold out. It also protects from spray when riding all out in a crowd or heavy surf.”

Force PFD thumb

Wassum also rides with the Sea-Doo Force Pullover PFD and had this to say about his experience with this piece of gear. “It’s got everything you can ask for in a PFD including a nice snug fit, good padding in the chest and back without the feeling of being overly bulky, solid lanyard hook, race approved safety buckles, and a side entry fit that helps prevent the PFD from coming off if you go swimming, if you know what I mean.


The wetsuit and PFD cover the core but how about the connection points between rider and watercraft? Having maximum foot traction is crucial to proper body position to extract maximum performance from the rider’s lower body. The Sea-Doo Booties are designed for the watery playing field, come with a neoprene sock for comfort and provide maximum traction. The boots also feature mesh panels and perforated sole for water evacuation and one-handed lace system to minimize weight and offer quick cinching when on the go.

Keeping a grip on the controls is arguably the most important physical aspect of performance riding and the Sea-Doo


Vehicle Gloves are designed to keep the rider connected. The Sea-Doo Vehicle Gloves are available in both full-finger and shorty options dependent on personal preference. The neoprene vehicle gloves feature Spandex finger gussets for comfort and protection. The rubberized Pro-Grip on the thumb and palm provides superior grip when calling on the Rotax 4-TEC Supercharged power.

Keeping your eyes on the prize is very important in performance riding as spray and other air born debris, such as insects, can slow your fun down quickly. The Sea-Doo Riding Goggles offer the best eye protection with its hypoallergenic silicone seal. They keep out the water and offer the finest anti-fog solution keeping the riders vision of the horizon clear. Perhaps the most innovative element of the ridding goggles is the goggle-to-PFD attachment lanyard that connects them to the PFDs. Now riders don’t have to worry about loosing their eye protection when riding all out.

2013 Sea-Doo Riding Goggles

Wassum provides a final word: “I really like the X-Team Combo Suit and Force PFD, it matches with the rest of the Sea-Doo X-Team gear as well as my RXP-X itself. So, you’ve got the perfect fit, and with all matching gear, you’ve also got the perfect look.”

X-Team riders or weekend performance enthusiasts, Sea-Doo has the best equipment and gear to ensure you have the ultimate experience in comfort and style!

All of the Sea-Doo performance gear can be purchased through the Sea-Doo online store and at your local dealer.

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