The International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) is pleased to announce that the first Director representing the racers was elected to serve on the 2005 IJSBA Board of Directors.

The elections were held online over the past two months at, and with final verification of votes now completed, the results are as follows:

Total number of votes: 1030
Votes not valid: 17

Votes for Scott Frazier: 590
Votes for Victor Sheldon: 423

As with the Aftermarket Companies that elected their representative (Dave Bamdas) two (2) weeks ago, for the first time in the history of the IJSBA, a Racer was voted to become a Director and to represent this segment on the IJSBA Board of Directors.

Scott Frazier, of Half Moon Bay, California was elected to the first term as a representative of the 15,000 (fifteen thousand) IJSBA Racers across the world. Frazier joins Dave Bamdas from the Associate Member group and will by the end of this week be joined by representatives from the watercraft manufacturers and IJSBA Affiliates as the results from those elections are still being verified.

"I am honored and excited to have been elected as the first racer representative to serve on the IJSBA Board of Directors. PWC racers now enjoy a new era where the control of the IJSBA's direction is shared among manufacturers, promoters, aftermarket producers, and the racers themselves,” said Frazier. “I am personally looking forward to bringing the rider perspective to the board and am eager to begin meeting with the racer committee and hearing from the racer community," he added. “I am also very excited to work with the other board members in order to establish common ground and a sustainable and productive future for PWC racing,” he concluded.

Over the next week, Scott will be establishing an information network and a proposed agenda. Persons interested in contacting him can email him at Scott will also have tentative “office hours” where he can be reached at (650) 726-4421; for now this will be every Tuesday from 9:00 to 11:00 PST, beginning May 3.

Biorn Tangeland, Managing Director of the IJSBA added, “This is a true milestone for our sport and was one of the main objectives when the IJSBA changed direction in 2004.” Tangeland also emphasized the fact that, “The IJSBA is now a true democratic organization with representatives from all member groups. This first Board is just the beginning and now it is up to the members to decide how they want to be represented and at what level.”

“I am really happy for Scott and I believe he will be a great asset and positive influence for the racers, said Victor Sheldon. “I will continue to support the IJSBA and work on behalf of the riders through the newly established IJSBA Racer Committee,” he added.

The election for the new IJSBA Board of Directors was concluded on April 22nd. The final vote of representatives from the manufacturers and affiliates are still being verified and the complete Board of Directors is expected to be published on or before April 29th.