IJSBA is pleased to share a schedule sent from Junior Stars of Florida for the youth acclimation program at the 2023 Short Block Technologies WGP-1 World Finals.  Families, please leave time to make your video for the Kommander SuperJet giveaway if you have not already entered.  Also, please see this questionnaire which is asked to be filled out for the event:  Rider Info Questionnaire-Updated 9-9-2022 (1)


Sequence of Events, 1 October 2023

6:30 AM              Signup Tent is open at the entrance to Crazy Horse

                          Tech is open at the Boathouse

7:30 AM              Welcome. Announcers (Mikey Young and Dawn Dawson) on the microphones to start drawing participants to the grandstands

8:00 AM              Kick-Off. Announcers begin with very short introduction of Junior Stars of Florida, then introduce the Pros.  Encourage kids and pros to link up on social media and begin building relationships

8:30 AM              Tech Talk with Rich Boell/Robert Sand

8:45 AM              Staging and Starting Procedures with Robert Crowe, Simon Rix and Shelly McCloskey (This is the first time using a starting light instead of band for most of these racers.)

9:15 AM              Real Talk with Course Marshal Sarge.  Safety, Discipline, and more Safety on the water.  Finish with a walkthrough of the course on the whiteboard

9:45 AM              Pro Racers Course Observations. A couple of our seasoned pros tell where they see risks and opportunities on the course.

10:15 AM           Parade Laps. Pros and Junior Stars break into groups on the water: Ski, Sport, Runabout 1100.  Course Marshal will conduct parade laps with each group in turn.  As the group returns from the parade laps, talk through the course with your pros as you await your next turn.

11:30 AM           Light snacks are set out for racers and staff to grab between sets. We will not be breaking for lunch so we can keep the training moving.

12:00 Noon        Staging and Starting Clinic.  Staying in the groups from the parade laps, each group will cycle through the staging area, the starting line, and the first half of the course.  You will get to practice the inside and outside starts, as well as the new light system.

2:00 PM              Group Photos on the Awards Stage & End of Training