Logo-World-Final-194px-x-194px-Greetings from the 2014 Jettribe World Final.  This report is being written during the Freestyle competition at about 1:30 PM.  To begin with, what an awesome day of racing and such a great showing of support of the PWC industry.  The event has reached last year’s participant numbers and the competition has been fierce.  The nations cup is totally up for grabs.  Most Pro titles are totally up for grabs.  The vendor alley is very full and both parking and souvenir sales have, again, set records.

Here are some highlights since our last report:

  • Paloma, Paloma, Paloma:  The IJSBA email inbox and voice mailbox have both been filled with requests from Peruvian media wanting to know all about Paloma Noceda’s win in Runabout Normally aspirated.  Paloma is an amazing competitor who made news earlier this year when she nearly won a heat in the Pro Am Men’s class at the IJSBA South American Championship.  Paloma’s father rushed out from Peru to see her claim her award.  Her home country is certainly proud of her and she had a large share of supporters here at the race site when she took the checkered flag.
  • Friday’s Amateur Freestyle had some shockingly big air and great combo moves.  This part of the competition could have been nearly anyone’s game as a high amount of the competitors started their routines with powerful moves before coming off of their ski or bobbling.  The two top riders definitely have caused their share of debate and discussion in the pits of whether the two tenths of a point difference between their scores was applied in the correct direction.  The judges scored impartially and it will be up to each viewer in the public to give their opinion on the best routine.  The winner was Elijah Kimnitz.
  • Many people watching GP Ski commented that the qualifiers were some of the best Ski racing seen in years.  At one point there were eight Ski on the lead lap all going through the log jump each within one or two boat lengths of each other.  This was very exciting.  Both Motzouris brothers were in the same qualifier and finished first and second.  However, there would be no question in the main event where Kevin Reiterer would sweep both motos.  Dustin Motzouris would take two second consistent seconds.  Jeremy Poret took third.
  • Pro Am Runabout 800 Superstock had Jayme Cheney returning to the podium  edging out Eric Lagopoulos.  Cheney went won both motos for a perfect sweep.
  • Michael Prodonavitch, the two time Vintage Ski champion would not get a three-peat.  Mark Gomez swept both motos to take the 2014 world title with Prodonavitch in second.  Charles Sims rounded out the podium in second place.  Anna Glennon made the top ten after recovering from a nasty spill on the track yesterday.
  • Position shifting and breakdowns were the name of the game in GP Runabout.  Craig Warner is always a hard charger and he rode fluidly.  However, his moto 1 finish was not high enough to add to his second place in Moto 2.  Chockuthit Molee, the moto one winner, had an unfortunate engine problem taking him out of commission.  In the end, Jamnes Bushell’s third place in Moto 1 carried his moto 2 win to an overall World Title.  Our new announcer, from the UK, promptly rushed to the tech area with hot tea to toast the champion.  Warner would finish second overall.
  • MacClugage was setting new speed records in the Sport GP class.  So much so that he unloaded hard, during the lead, at the horseshoe turn in Moto 1.  After a lengthy swim, MacClugage continued a massive pace passing nearly everyone on the track and ending up third.  This was as powerful of a performance as we saw in any of his heats last year when he earned a record three wins at World Finals.  The performance continued when he won moto two to take the overall Sport GP Win.
  • We will have complete results later tonight after tech has cleared the classes that concluded today.
  • Franky Zapata unveiled his Hoverboard which caught the interest of every past or present skateboarder in the crowd.  The new device operates much like the Flyboard which connects to the exit nozzle of a watercraft but the jet force exits out of the back of the board rather than underneath.  The device really gives the impression that the operator surfs over the air.  We look forward to having videos and information to show you.
  • Force Watercraft’s Ski for kids has been the talk of the pits.  Numerous promoters and organizers around the world have been discussing ways to implement this product into racing and other programs to orient young riders to PWC which will increase the chances that they will be safe and responsible stewards of the water when they become of age to ride in the open environment.
  • Apachee helicopters, at least that’s what they looked like- they were complete with rocket launchers and all sorts of other freedom protecting devices- flew over the course during Pro Freestyle and slowed down and hovered a bit to watch the stunt actions.  At least six helicopters took turns viewing the action at the World Finals.  It was an awesome site.  We hope the hard working service people enjoyed the few moments of the show.
  • It is hot on Pro Saturday.  Scorching with no breeze.  There are lines at the beverage and snow cone booths.  When there are big crowds in the vendor alley while Pro Freestyle is going on, there are a lot of people at World Finals.  You can hear crowds roar during exciting turns, fast hole shots, and big air backflips.  There are two major other motorsports events going on in Parker (Best of The Desert) and on the other side of the island here in Havasu (drag boats) and that hasn’t dented the World Finals turnout.  The World Finals is still the strongest and best event in Lake Havasu City!

We are heading out to the Blowsion Under The Bridge show where we expect an even larger crowd than last year’s program.  We hope those of you not attending are enjoying the live stream.