IJSBA is notifying the Personal Watercraft Racing Community that the annual period to suggest rule changes has now arrived.  From now until December 20, IJSBA will accept suggestions for rule changes to the 2024 Competition Rule Book.  This posting will detail the procedure and provide instructions on how to participate.

To suggest a change to the IJSBA Competition Rule Book, please prepare the suggestion for change in the following format:


Country Of Origin:

Membership Number:

Number of years of active racing:

Suggestion:  I suggest the following rule change:___________________________.  I believe this change will have the following positive effect on competition: _____________________________________________.


Send your suggestion to IJSBA by emailing info@ijsba.com.

The IJSBA Managing Director will compile the suggestions and make public a list of recommendations for peer review on December 23.  After the Christmas break, these recommendations will be submitted to the IJSBA Board of Directors with a request for approval or rejection by New Year's event.  By January 4, the results shall be posted.  By January 11, a draft of pending rule changes will be submitted for peer review.  A finalized publication shall be made by January 18.

IJSBA is a non owned not for profit organization which is controlled by a board of directors appointed, in equal proportion, by the OEM manufacturers of Personal Watercraft.  The board appoints a voting member to represent the PWC business outside of the OEM interest.  The board has one President/Managing Director to oversee the company and this director has a vote in the governance of the organization.  The IJSBA President compiles a list of questions, suggestions, and concerns from the PWC Racing Community and makes a list of recommendations to the IJSBA Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors may decide to accept, reject, or modify and ratify any suggestions for rule changes.  Board directors can (and do) come up with changes on their own during the process.