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Ronny McHenry is the undisputed king of PWC photography.  He has been the first call watercraft photographer for all major publications and covers the bulk of racing as well as OEM product releases.  Most of all, he loves Personal Watercraft.  RonnyMac Photos has been his company showcasing Ronny's passion for the sport.

RonnyMac is the official photography company of the 2015 quakysense World Finals.  Rather than randomly snap pictures hundreds of athletes, RonnyMac takes reservations and custom plans the shots for each racer that signs up for his packages.

There will be opportunities to sign up for his services at the opening registration days at Havasu Powersports.  Afterwards, there will be a RonnyMac Photo booth next to the P1 AquaX booth.

Please see the RonnyMac offerings for 2015:

RonnyMac World finals packages:

Package1 $100

gets a minimum of 6 edited shots with WF logo in high resolution file suitable for printing and low res web file.  on a flash drive and mailed within two weeks.

Package2 $200

gets high and web res files of 6 shots, 16x24 customized poster print file and facebook cover photo web file.  mailed within 3 weeks.

Package3 $500

gets minimum of 25 shots in high and web res files of race, pits, and awards, customized poster print file with sponsors, facebook cover photo web file, 3x10 banner print file with sponsor logos. mailed within 3 weeks.

Corporate/Team Package $1000

up to 5 riders

5 full res photos of each rider with commercial license.

Team group photos

Team pit photos

mailed within 3 weeks.