IJSBA is very happy to announce that Ronny McHenry, owner at, will be returning to the 2016 quakysense World Finals as the official photographer and the only authorized retail photographer for the event.

We cant begin to tell you how much we are happy about this ("very" wasn't enough emphasis).  Ronny has been in the sport a long time and loves PWC Racing.  We know that we are going to get the absolute best quality shots to use in IJSBA's promotions.  We also know that competitors, who need action photography, are going to get the amazing pictures they are looking for.

Today, we combed through his website to prepare for this release and continue to be amazed at what Ronny can produce.  We stumbled upon this link when we were looking to download his logo for this press release:  The things Ronny can create are mind blowing.  The framed composites of racer photos are as elegant as they are creative.  Why he isn't showing these things off is beyond us because this is something every racer would like to have hanging in their house.

We don't have his special offers yet, nor do we have information on what kind of booth he will have because he didn't send us the press release we asked for (hence combing his website looking for his logo).  So, all we can tell you now is that when you get to World Finals, look for a guy just tall enough to ride roller coasters that go upside down who is smoking clove cigarettes in clear violation of IJSBA's no smoking on the premises policy.  You will be very happy with his work.