This just in from the organizers of the 2014 Riva Hydrodrag World Championships.  Congratulations to all participants.

Hydro Junior N/A Class
1st  Angelica Gonzalez

Hydro Junior 4-stroke
1st  Chris Caputo Jr

Hydro N/A Class
1st  Berry Lee
2nd  Angelia Gonzalez
3rd  Tonito Lopez

Hydro Stock Class
1st  Stan Hightower
2nd  Troy Snyder
3rd  Rob Hoffman

Hydro Spec Class
1st  Troy Snyder
2nd  Stan Hightower
3rd  Clay Marsh

Hydro Superstock Class
1st  Troy Snyder
2nd  Kerry Hibdon
3rd  Stan Hightower

Hydro Unlimited Class
1st  Troy Snyder
2nd  Eddy Veliz
3rd  Kerry Hibdon

RIVA Racing Speed Alley

Hydro N/A Class
1st  Berry Lee                                      87.7
2nd  Tonito Lopez                              71.8

Hydro Stock Class
1st  Scott Rice                                      88.6
2nd  Ron Allison                                  86.9

Hydro Spec Class
1st  Kerry Hibdon                               97.0
2nd  Clay Marsh                                  89.4

Hydro Superstock Class
1st  Ross Nemoeller                         93.6
2nd  Eddy Veliz                                    92.9

Hydro Unlimited Class
1st  Jesse Gonzalez                           107.2
2nd  Chris Caputo                               102.7
3rd  Kristian Ichazo                            100.6

Ski Class Closed Course
1st  Johnny Smith
2nd  Broc Harris

Sport Class
1st  Rob Hoffman
2nd  Diroc Barbee
3rd  Mike Bartelameo

Endurance Class
1st  Eric Francis
2nd  Jason Russo
3rd  Sean Hagen

Blowsion  Pro Freetsyle
1st Jason Stoyer

HydroTurf Amateur Freestyle
1st  Chris Langlais