The IJSBA Aftermarket Members have again chosen Dave Bamdas to serve as their representative on the IJSBA Board of Directors. Mr. Bamdas is the owner of Riva Motorsports which is the world’s largest retailer of Personal Watercraft and PWC accessories.

Throughout the history of racing, Riva has been one of the most established names in race presence. Riva has supported numerous National and World champions on both the Expert and Pro levels.

Riva Motorsports has an extensive research and development facility. In addition to purveying their own line of fine performance parts, Riva Motorsports is often the largest volume seller of many other manufacturers’ products.

Mr. Bamdas is always in regular communication with the IJSBA and always presents extensive details regarding the concerns of aftermarket producers and the customers of those producers. Dave Bamdas has always considered all sides when making policy and is well respected as a fair individual.

The IJSBA very much appreciates the services of Mr. Bamdas. The IJSBA is also truly appreciative of the entire aftermarket industry for their continued investment in the PWC sport and for their support of the IJSBA.