IJSBA reminds competitors that the Junior Ski Stock classes are exclusively for the 2017-2018 Kawasaki SX-R.  Additionally, IJSBA requires the use of a restrictor plate for the purposes of limiting speeds.

These devices are available for purchase from the technical inspector at the event.  The price is $65.00 and comes with a gasket.  Please email info@ijsba.com to arrange any pre-purchasing prior to the 2018 Blowsion World Finals.

Now, for some legal words:

Persons using these restrictor plates do so at their own risk and IJSBA does not warrant any particular result nor does IJSBA warrant that there are no negative consequences associated with the use of these restrictor plates.  The use of these restrictor plates could cause equipment damage or bodily injury.  All racing is dangerous.  The use of a restrictor plate should not lead to a false sense that racing is any safer than racing without the use of a restrictor plate.  By purchasing this restrictor plate, the buyer warrants that the buyer is the parent or legal guardian of the end user and, as the agent for the end user, assumes these risks on behalf of the end user and hold harmless IJSBA as well as IJSBA’s Affiliates and assigns for any damages or injury that result from the use of this restrictor plate.