The IJSBA buzzkill department is sending a reminder that there is no vending of goods, services, or food anywhere in the pits during the World Finals.  Event permitting, regulatory health codes, and insurance all have prohibitions on these type of activities happening in the pit area of World Finals.  As part of our permission to stage World Finals, IJSBA is charged with the primary duty of policing the pits.

Let's get the comments out of the way right now: the event is all about money, IJSBA just wants to charge for everything, the official vendors just want a monopoly, etc. etc.  The fact remains that vending of any food, services, or products are not allowed, with the sole exception of VP fuels.  Lets also be clear that we are not talking about renting out your watercraft, private transactions of parts, selling of a watercraft or anything like that. 

We are talking about setting up a breakfast burrito service in a pit, setting up a for hire massage table, selling or sampling of beverages, and displays of any sort. I know some of you are much smarter than us at the IJSBA administration and, each year, some rising intellectual superstar tells us: "well I am not vending, I am just cooking breakfast for my friends and some of my friends give money to pay for the groceries, so it isn't vending."  Unfortunately, we lack the mental capacity to accept such an explanation.  Inspectors from the city and county regularly make rounds through the pits.  Please help us have the least amount of friction in the pits and to enable us to be invited back for year 39, in 2020.