This is a reminder to everyone who has a Vintage Ski and a mullet in the Southern California area.  This Saturday, from 7-9 PM, we expect the parking lot at Pole Position Raceway, in Corona, to be filled with old solid axle Toyota trucks that have faded "I'll quit before I sit" stickers on the back windows.  Enjoy go kart racing in between conversations about how Steve Stricklin and Glen Bothwell handled things better than they are today.  Engage in thorough debate about the time Tom Bonacci pulled himself out of a qualifying position to switch hulls.  Don't understand any of these references?  Well, go anyway because some really awesome people part of this sport's legacy will be there!  Below is the press release inviting you to join the fun:



Pole Position Raceway in Corona, California will host an official IJSBA reunion event on April 30, 2016. The event is the brain child of IJSBA racer and Bomber Eyewear creator, Tommy “The Bomber" Bonacci and former Personal Watercraft Illustrated editor Ken Faught, and hopes to bring racers and industry legends from the ‘80s and ‘90s to the present for a night of bench racing and indoor karting. “We have received a lot of interest and no doubt this will be a fun night,” said Bonacci. “We plan to make this an annual event and appreciate the support of the IJSBA who is truly responsible for growing the sport that I owe so much to.”

The event is from 7-9pm, a lot of key people from the sport - both past and present, will be in attendance. Faught is the co-founder of the Pole Position Raceway chain of indoor kart tracks which was created with a lot of motorsports legends including Jeremy McGrath, Grant Langston and former NASCAR Champ Kurt Busch. Pole Position Raceway is located at 1594 E. Bentley Drive in Corona, California. For more information check out www.PolePositionRaceway.com. See you at the races!