IJSBA has received the following press story along with pictures and results from the past weekend's NautiWater Racing event in Fremont, Nebraska.  From the photos it looks like it was an amazing event with great racing and fun had by all.  [Editor's note: it wasn't all fun for us when the WordPress wouldn't post the pictures, it is fixed now as you can see].

3…2…1…Kawasaki Watercross Tour with Nautiwater Racing Round 2 Fremont, NE Article/Pictures by Brandy Fraley


What a beautiful weekend to bring your family out to the lake for some awesome jet ski racing.  Round 2 of the 3…2…1…Kawasaki Watercross Tour for Nautiwater Racing took riders up to the sandy beaches of Lake 20 in Fremont Nebraska.  There were over 50 boats on the line throughout the course of the weekend.  Everything from Sport X2 to the new Kawasaki SX-R 1500 and even Superchickens (Sport Cruisers) got in on the action. 







Jet ski racing is such a wonderful family friendly event that we had several father & son racers.  Billy Kotara and sons Mason (#140), Ty (#114) & Tanner (#198), drove in from La Vernia, TX. Tanner raced Junior Ski Lites 13-15, Ty & Mason both race Ski Pro Am Open, and dad Billy races Ski Veterans Open. Marc Roberts (#66) and son Cameryn (#65) drove up from Quenemo, KS racing Runabout Pro Am Open & Runabout 800 Open respectively. Ron Wirth (ski #811) & son Alex (#727) drove over from Loveland, CO racing Ski Veterans Open and Ski Amateur Open. With some combined classes on the line this father & son duo, Ron & Alex, got the chance to race head to head.









Watercross racers came from all across the Midwest, and neighboring areas to join the Nautiwater Racing action this weekend.  We had racers from Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.  Paul Harding from East Troy, WI was new to jet ski racing in 2016, he was looking for something to do this weekend so Grey Lahey and some friends from the Illinois area suggested he check out the event in Fremont, NE.  Paul had not raced with region 9 previously, so he looked it up and made the short notice decision to come check out the local event here in the Midwest. Paul raced Ski Amateur Lite and Pro Am Ski Lites (ski #918). He loved going head to head with Ben Swanson on the large course and the log jump, and is looking forward to future races.






 This was a great event, lots of racers and spectators. Thank you to everyone who supports the Watercross racing events.  The weekend could not have happened with out our sponsors 3…2…1…Kawasaki; Leisure Life Sports; Compass Construction and Swanson Racing.  If you too would like to come race with Nautiwater Racing head over and check out the rules at www.IJSBA.com as these are IJSBA sanctioned events.  The next tour stop will be July 29th & 30th at Pomona Lake in Vassar, KS.


Results Listed Below: Fremont NE July 15th & 16th

Junior Ski Lites 13-15

1                     Tanner Kotara

RA Amateur Limited

1                     Lee Aderbery

RA 800 Open

1                     Jayme Cheney

2                     Scott Wilson

3                     Cameron Roberts

4                     Ryan O’brein

5                     Mike Moraczewski

RA Amateur Stock

1                     Shawn Cox

RA Pro AM Open

1                     Ryan Smith

2                     Marc Roberts

3                     Tim Hicks

4                     Hector Pena

RA Pro AM Stock

1                     John Hecox

2                     Kent Abbott

3                     Patrick Kettleson

Sea Doo Spark

1                     Doug Partch

2                     Bryon Pinkes

3                     Jim Schultz

Ski Amateur Open

1                     Alex Wirth

Ski Amateur Ski Lites

1                     Paul Harding

2                     Bryon Pinkes

3                     Chris Langdale

4                     Kyle Wasser

5                     Kathy Burrow

6                     Mike Ferrell

7                     McKale H Seivley

8                     Jess Houpt

Ski Amateur Ski Stock

1                     Jeremy Poper

2                     AJ Luinstra

Ski Pro AM Ski Lites

1                     Ben Swanson

2                     AJ Luinstra

3                     Paul Harding

4                     Anna Glennon

5                     Bryon Pinkes

Ski Womens Ski

1                     Allison Partch

2                     Anna Glennon

3                     Jessica Eriz

Ski Pro AM Open

1                     Ty Kotara

2                     Jeff Wright

3                     Jeremy Poper

4                     Chase Mueller

5                     Austin Hart

6                     Mason Kotara

Ski Veterans Open

1                     Ron Wirth

2                     William Kotara

3                     Chris Cowan

4                     Harlod Green

Sport GP

1                     Aaron Dellinger

2                     Harold Green

Sport Spec

1                     McKale H Seivley

2                     Mike Morczewski

3                     Jeff Vaneperen

Sport X2

1                     Matt Mottern

Beginner Ski

1                     Steven Depperschimdt

2                     Garrett Poper