IJSBA is saddened to report that long time organizer, racer, and race director, Jacque Bryant has been very seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.  IJSBA has spoken with his family and has learned that, while the injuries are intense, and the road to recovery will be difficult, a recovery is indeed expected absent any arising complications.  IJSBA will post news as we learn it.  In the meantime, please keep Jacque and his family in your thoughts and prayers.


Managing Director's note:  I have known Jacque for a good part of 22 years and know that he would want me to pass on this information: Jacque has a motorcycle crash on his personal track.  The crash was brutal and resulted in a major break in his C2 vertebrae.  The trauma surgeon who initially attended to Jacque commented that his helmet prevented certain death which surely would have occurred from this type of injury.  Nearly everyone who has attended a World Finals has heard Jacque's safety speech about everyone at home having someone who loves them and that they need to return safely home to those who care about them.  Jacque would want motorsports enthusiasts to reflect on how important it is to have the proper safety gear at all times.  Had he not had a proper helmet, this would certainly be a much more tragic posting on the web.  Please do not ride without proper protective gear so that your own loved ones can continue to enjoy time with you, on this planet, and so you can ride another day.